NY Film Festival Trailer selected

If you’ve ever been to a film fest you’ve probably seen a short little video bumper promoting the festival that run before the screening starts. They’re always very unique and fun. Well the New York Film Festival needed a promo bumper for this year’s festival so they put out an open call for submissions on poptent. This call was kind of unusual for the site since the fest is non-profit and there would be no cash award. However, the fest did give out a “super” VIP package and the selected festival trailer will be shown throughout the New York Film Festival and will then be shown in theaters year round before other screenings.

That right there is actually a pretty sweet prize. Getting a film into the NY festival would be great for anyone’s filmmography but to have the festival as a client and to have your work screen in theaters and in Lincoln Center(!) would be a really nice resume builder. Here’s the video that was chose by The New York Film Festival:

That’s really slick. I like it. If you want to see something crazy though, check out this video that was one of the finalists:

That video was created by three US Marines while serving in Afghanistan! More details about the guys who made it can be found here. To see more submitted videos, check out Poptent’s blog: http://www.poptent.net/blog/

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  1. Thanks for the love on this project, Beardy! We had a fun time running this one and were happy to partner up with an esteemed organization like the NYFF. We hope to do more assignments like this in the future!

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