A total Sausagefest


News flash: Sausage is delicious.  Ok, we all know that.  But did you know it can sorta, kinda be healthy too?  Al Fresco Chicken Sausage is trying to get that message out on the “social networking sites” so they held a video contest of course.  The objective was to create a “potentially viral video” that would promote their sausage and emphasise specifics about how they were not as bad for you as pork sausgaes.  They gave 2 runners up a thousand dollars each and the first place vid got $6,000.  I can’t emebed the winning entry so click the image below to see all top 3 submissions.

sausage2The winning video was cute but does it really have “viral” potential?  I see so many contests where the company’s goal is to get a “viral video” about their product but sometimes I have to wonder if the contest organizers actually understand how viral videos work.  A viral video is one that spreads on it’s own…you know, like a VIRUS.  Will people really be posting a sausage commercial to their facebook page or e-mail it to friends?  Probably not.  But Al Fresco also wants to use the winning video in on-line marketing and at trade shows so in that case it seems like they made a good choice.  Plus they did say that they wanted a video that could “potentially” go viral so maybe I’m just being snippy.

One thought on “A total Sausagefest

  1. Wow, I thought Brett Slater’s animation spot was the best one hands down. I guess good comedy is lost on most brands these days. The winning video (and the other live action spot) really looked like a 3rd rate ad agency did them. The humor (writing) was canned and VERY predictable. I think that the attributes and ingredients being read like a grocery list must have appealed to them like it usually does on a regional or local TV spot. It def. didn’t ‘brand’ at all in my opinion. And sorry, but the food looked like a plate of goulash.

    Just my opinion.
    Jared aka VCK

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