’s 2013 “Roommate of the Year”

It’s December which means it’s time for me to post the winner of’s 5th annual “Roommate of the Year” competition.  “Roommate of the Year” is a really strange video contest because the deadline is in May but the rules say that the winner can be announced any time after July 7th.  Sometimes the sponsor will announce the winner in the summer but last year they announced the winner a few days before New Year’s Eve.  So if you make the finals you basically have no idea when a winner will be selected.  It looks like this year they posted the results in late October.  Here’s the 2013 winner.  As always, the grand prize is $10,000 in cash and $10,000 to cover the winner’s rent for a year.  I can’t embed this video so click on the image to watch it.

This year’s winner isn’t fancy but it was certainly amusing.  It even featured a super tiny baby goat.  You can’t go wrong with baby goats, my friend.  Baby goats are video contest gold.