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QUICK! Hurry and do this thing before midnight!

A longtime pal of VCN named Joe B, sent me an e-mail on friday asking me to help get him some votes in the “Camp Gladiator” video contest.  I was filming all weekend which means I wasn’t able to post his request until now.  Turns out Joe is ahead by only 4 votes and voting ends at midnight tonight.  If even a dozen people see this post and vote for him that might put him over the top.  The grand prize is $5,000 and Joe deserves it.  His entry is awesome and the video in 2nd ain’t so great.  So go vote for Joe!

Follow this link:  http://bit.ly/15y5FRV

Then “like” the page when you are prompted to do so.  Then click the VOTE button when it appears.  That’s it!


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