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Site Policies

We try and run a tight ship here at VCN. Dishonesty, harassment, trolling, spam and generally uncool shenanigans will not be tolerated. Here are the official policies of this site. If you play nice we can be BFFs for life. But if you want to act like a jerk, please do it somewhere else.


The editor of Video Contest News is a filmmaker himself and he fully respects the copyrights of other creatives. When images or videos are added to a post it its because the editor feels that they are relevant to that particular story. If you feel that VCN has violated your copyrights, PLEASE let us know by sending an e-mail to the editor. We promise to address your concerns ASAP. To make sure we get your e-mail, please put the phrase “COPYRIGHT ISSUE” in the subject line.


We have a pretty liberal comment policy here at VCN.  Feel free to speak your mind and swear your ass off.  It’s also cool if you want to express strong, differing opinions.  But we do have one, big rule: BE HONEST.  If you have something you want to say, stand behind your words and use your REAL NAME.  If you want to use a goofy screen name (you know, like “Beardy”) when leaving simple comments, go for it.  But anonymous slams against ANYONE are not acceptable.  If you want to talk trash you must own your words and comment under your real name.  Also, you may not use fake names to say nice things about yourself or one of your video contest entries.  We consider that to be both dishonest and spammy.

Comment Moderation:  The first time a reader leaves a comment, their comment will have to be approved by the editor.  After it is, that reader’s future comments will automatically go public when they submit them.

The editor of VCN has the right to delete or edit all comments posted on this site.  If you post something that crosses the line of good taste or if you try to and pick a fight or if you harass or troll someone your comment will be deleted and you may be banned from leaving future comments. If you leave an unpleasant comment under a fake name and if we are able to determine who actually left that comment the editor of VCN can and will change the comment to indicate who actually left it.

How to get yourself banned from leaving comments:  The editor of VCN has the right to ban anyone from leaving comments on this site for any reason.  If you misrepresent yourself or lie in a comment you may be banned. If you try and use the comment section to harass someone you will be banned.  If you try and post spam here you will be banned. WordPress makes it very easy to ban specific individuals from leaving comments and the ban is difficult to get around.  All bans issued are lifetime bans.  You will not have your ban lifted so please don’t ask.  Just go away and leave us alone.  We don’t want to hear from you any more.

Once a comment has been posted, the author grants VideoContestNews.com the right to display that comment any way the editor sees fit in perpetuity.  A comment can only be removed at the discretion of the editor.  By leaving a comment on this site you are agreeing to the terms of our Comment Policy.


If you’re pissed about something we’ve done or said, please try and respond like a mature human being.  Send us a non-inflammatory comment or e-mail and we can talk over the matter like adults.  If you give respect you will get respect in return.  But under no circumstance will we put up with harassment.  If you harass or threaten anyone affiliated with this site we will contact your local police department and file a complaint.  It’s 2013 and most states have very strict cyber-harassment and cyber-stalking laws.  If you make threats or if you keep contacting us after you have been told to stop we will have the police sent to your door.


VCN considers anyone who harasses the editor (or his family or friends) or who attacks this website to be a TROLL.  Life is too short for fighting on the Internet. We will not respond to trolls. You can yell and scream all you want but we will just block your comments and e-mails. If you stalk the editor online he will just block you on those other sites and file a complaint with that site’s webmaster. If your trolling actually breaks the law the police will be contacted.  But the editor does reserve the right to deal with trolls publicly.

How to get your IP banned:  We do keep track of the IP’s that visit this website and we have the ability to block specific IPs from accessing VCN.  We reserve the right to block anyone’s access to this site for any reason.  If you repeatedly act like a jerk or if you try and post an offensive or inappropriate comment, or if you try and spread information that you know is false, your access will be blocked without warning.  The block is irreversible.  Please do not contact the editor and ask that the IP block be lifted.  If your IP gets blocked, that means we never want to hear from you again.


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