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5 predictions for the 2013 Crash the Super Bowl finals

This year’s installment of the Crash the Super Bowl contest was kind of a strange one.  For some reason there was a massive drop in the number of submissions received.  Last year Doritos got more than 6,000 entries for the Crash.  But this year they only got about 2,800 entries.  I have a pretty good idea why participation for the contest dropped and I’ll be covering that issue in a post in early January.  For now I just want to focus on my list of predictions for the 2013.  Because there were a lot fewer entries I had a really hard time finding “contenders” that might have a shot of making Doritos official Top 5.  But I have to say, some of the contenders I did find are incredibly strong.  Usually I pick entries that I think the CTSB judges might like but this year I was able to find several ads that anybody would love.  If Doritos’ list of finalists includes a few of these ads they will have made some really excellent choices.  Ok, so here now are my 5 predictions for the 2013 Crash the Super Bowl finals.  Click on the images below to watch these videos on Facebook.  Let’s start with a submission that is actually one of my favorite Crash the Super Bowl ads EVER:

Goat 4 Sale

Goat 4 Sale:  If you don’t love this commercial you should go see a cardiologist because you have no heart!  I totally love this entry but it also bums be out.  I happened to find this submission when I went to the contest page and searched for videos about goats.  Why would I do that?  Because this year I tried to make a CTSB entry about goats!  I tried to think of an animal that was cuter and funnier than a dog and I came up with goats.  Our goats wouldn’t cooperate though so we had to abandon the shoot.  But my crew and I were planning on trying again next summer.  So if this ad makes the finals, Doritos probably wouldn’t pick two goat commercials two years in a row.  But oh well. This entry deserves to make the top 5 more than almost any CTSB entry I have ever seen.  It’s just a PERFECT little short film.   I will be amazed if Doritos doesn’t pick this one.  Not only is “Goat 4 Sale” a funny video, it’s actually a great commercial since Doritos get a ton of screen time.  So this entry is funny and entertaining and it actually makes me want to buy the featured product….and a goat.

It’s a Trap!

IT’S A TRAP:  And here’s another one that I love!  This is a great example of what a really good CTSB submission should look like.  It’s got a bearded goofball, a simple premise, very little dialogue, a huge, shocking surprise and some cute animals.  And like “Goat 4 Sale” it actually does a good job of selling Doritos.  “Every living creature loves Doritos!”  What more needs to be said?

Road Trip

Road Trip:  Usually I get kind of annoyed when the same filmmakers make the finals over and over. But like I said, this year the pickings are kind of slim so I’m gonna cut the Crash judges some slack.  Road Trip was made by Tyler Dixon who is a TWO-TIME crash the super bowl finalist.  He made the top 5 in 2011 with his enry and he made it again in 2012 with .   I’m not really in love with “Road Trip” but it’s really good and I think the judges might pick this one because it would probably score really well on the USA Today Ad Meter.  Doritos actually does test screenings of their potential finalists before they make their final picks and I think focus groups are gonna flip for that cute little kid and that hilarious little dog.  So high focus group scores might just get this one in the Top 5.

Blow Granny, Blow

Blow Granny, Blow:  Here’s another ad made by a former finalist that I think deserves to make the top 5.  “Blow Granny, Blow” was created by Brad Bosley who made  which was the only 2011 Pepsi Max finalist that I actually liked.  Blow Granny, Blow is really professional-looking and it just feels like something you’d see on TV.  And again, it’s another spot that would probably do really well with focus groups.  It’s got a fantastic grumpy old lady, weird, surprising action and funny shots of people’s faces flopping in the wind.  I sort of hope this one makes it just t because it’d be nice if one of the finalist slots went to an ad that didn’t star an animal.

Great Lengths

Great Lengths:  This one is kind of my dark horse, wild card pick.  It’s entertaining and cute and funny but it’s nothing fancy and it doesn’t have a big twist or shocking gags.  But to me it really just feels like a Crash the Super Bowl finalist.  And I think kids would freaking go crazy for this commercial.  This is the kind of video that a 6 year old kid would make their mom play 10 times in a row.

So that’s my list.  As a little bonus, here are a few honorable mentions that I think also have an ok shot of making the finals: , , and .  Remember, the real winners will be revealed on January 2nd.  Be sure to check back here to see how accurate my predictions were!

UPDATE: The CTSB rules say that Doritos would announce the finalists at (or anytime after) noon on January 2nd. But it turns out the reveal isn’t happening until at 8PM on January 3rd.

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18 Responses to “5 predictions for the 2013 Crash the Super Bowl finals”

  1. Yummy Doritos says:

    The only thing I would say is that in 3 of your choices, animals are being depicted as potentionally harmed. Even though its obvious they are not, it states directly in the rules this will not be allowed. Have you noticed any previous finalists that showcase animals in a manner which is similar? Like getting your dog to jump out of a moving car, etc? Just curious what you think. I’m a previous finalist myself and I’m always shocked by what gets chosen.

    Thanks Beardy!

  2. mmmm cheese says:

    I’m obsessed with “The Cheese Tease.” Rated #1 right now, although the ratings technically don’t factor into judges decision. Simple but hilarious.

  3. Beardy says:


    I’ve often been surprised by the amount of violence in some of the ads doritos picks. Remember Pug Attack? In that one a guy was trying to get a dog to smash head first into a glass door. And in one finalist ad a guy took a tazer straight to the neck. So Doritos seems ok with videos where humans and animals look like they’re being seriously hurt.

    To me it doesn’t look like any animals were in danger during the filming of any ads that I posted. The dog in t he car jumped out the window but obviously the car wasn’t really moving at the time. You see that type of dog stunt in lots of commercials/movies/shows so I don’t think the jump would hurt that ad’s chances. I think someone would have to do something really stupid with an animal or an actor to get disqualified. Last year the Sling Baby crew probably had to suspend a real baby in front of a green screen and the Bird of Prey team had a guy drop face first onto a metal table. If it’s ok to dangle a baby in front of a green screen it’s got to be ok to dangle a dog.

  4. Beardy says:

    mmmm cheese,

    I’ll bet you a dozen bags of Doritos that you’re obsessed with “Cheese Tease” because you helped make it or you know someone who did. That video is the top rated ad because the makers are begging their family and friends for votes even though they know votes and views are totally meaningless. That’s annoying and uncool and it wrecks the whole point of a rating system.

  5. Becca says:

    I have a question. You mentioned that Doritos uses a focus group with the top picks. That is not mentioned in the rules so, how does that work exactly? I thought the contest was judged. If it is judged then either the focus group would have to sit through ALL the videos or Doritos “judges” then they use the focus group to determine the winners?

  6. Beardy says:


    Apparently Doritos judges (and judges from an ad agency) go through all the entries and then make a short list of their favorite ads. Then they show them to focus groups so they can hear what average consumers think. (this can also give them an idea of how well each ad would do on the USA Today ad meter.) Doritos is kind of secretive about the whole process so I’m not sure what happens next. But I assume that the judges use the focus group data to help them make their final picks. I don’t think they actually let the focus groups have the final say.

  7. Shane Free says:


    love your picks. I am a huge fan of “It’s a Trap”. I watched it a hundred times, I think the line delivery and pay off is absolutely hysterical. The practical effect of the cage filled with animals is so funny and well done.

  8. Becca says:

    I guess my point is that if they truly judge then there is no need for a focus group or Doritos picking their favorite… it is supposed to be solely based on judging, right? So it isn’t really a judged contest. They may “judge” to weed some out but it comes to them picking their favorites and then off the opinion of focus groups.

  9. Yummy Again says:

    It’s obvious that no animals were hurt in any of these productions, but it is the implied action I am talking about. Perhaps some kid out there will want to toss his dog out of a moving car, or put him down an actual canon for blast-off. But your point with Pug Attack and Sling Baby is right on. I would like to see the amount of babies that were slung across their back-yards after the airing of Sling Baby LOL.

    The steps I had to go through with my commercial to actually be picked as a finalist were insane, not to mention the releases for game day air-time. Curious to know what kind of legal action is taken to back their asses with any sort of cruelty involved.

    Finalists released tomorrow right?

  10. Armstrong says:


    What do you think of Fetch and Attraction Music? Those two (along with Goat 4 Sale) are my favorites this year.

  11. chad says:

    Noahs last chip is a complete lock, I would be very surprised if it doesnt mskw the top 5

  12. Adam says:

    Noah’s last chip is atrocious.

  13. Chad says:


    Would you mind elaborating on that statement?

    It’s completely original, well shot, clever theme on 2 levels. Every person i show it to likes it.

    FYI, I don’t know anyone involved in its creation.

  14. Arne Barnard says:

    The point of Pug Attack was NOT to see if someone could get the pug to “smash through” a glass door.

    The point of Pug Attack is that Jerko was antagonizing the pug, with the pugs favorite snack, and that the pug was bound and determined to get some of that, so he knocks down the door (not “smashes through”)
    and he gets what he wants. In the end, the pug is no worse for wear.

    I totally got the directors point the first time I watched this, which is why it bacame a finalist…because Doritos got it too…

  15. Adam Finmann says:

    The graphics in the Noah’s Last Chip were very cheesy and there is only one joke and its at the very end and its not that big a laugh anyway. A 30 second commercial should have more than 1 laugh line in it. ESPECIALLY a Super Bowl Spot, IMO.

  16. kabuto1138 says:

    Hey Beardy, thanks for giving our spot “GOOD BOY” an honorary mention. We were not contacted by Frito Lay so we are already coming up with ideas for this year using your always helpful tips!!


  17. Nick says:

    Hey Beardy

    Just curious about your thoughts on my daughter Melissa’s submissions…

    The Dorito Effect (the one with the tower of dominos)
    Roarito (the one with the roaring bear)
    Surviving 2012 (speaks for itself)
    The Dorito Bowl (father vs son tabletop football)

    Nick and Melissa

  18. Tony says:

    Doritos announced the finalists

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