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A weird Christmas song and a very good cause

The Daily Show’s Rob Kutner and (featuring friend of VCN and super-video contest winner Joel “HappyJoel” Moss Levinson) have just released the first track off their mega-music/comedy album .  All the proceeds from the album are going to support OneKid, OneWorld which provides students around the world with the basic needs of learning like books, desks and classroom.  According to Joel, “The album is now going on about 12 months in the making, with another 7 before release. It’s monstrous – 25-30 tracks of original music, lyrics, jokes and (often) original concepts.  The album features tons of great guest performers like Ed Helms, Aimee Mann, Aubrey Plaza, Will Forte, Andrew W.K., and more.”

The debut track is “Toymageddon” which the producers describe as “a musical/comedy journey through 1,000 years of American history, past, present and miserable sci-fi future.”  It’s a very bizarre song and features two super awesome dudes; Ira Glass (from This American Life!) and Eugene Mirman (Gene from Bob’s Burgers!).  Prepare your brain for some Christmasy weirdness and enjoy:

If you’d like to support One Kid, One World you can buy Toymageddon on iTunes: 

By the way, if you’re looking for a chaity to support this holiday season, be aware that OneKid, One World has a miniscule 7% overhead.  That means 93% of the money they take in goes to the charity work they’re doing – in the world of non-profits, that’s unreal.


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    Thanks for the nice post buddy, and happy holidays everyone (particularly if it is our last as human overlords)

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