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VCN Sponsor Spotlight: 1/14/13

So….you didn’t make the Crash the Super Bowl finals this year, did you?  Oh well, such is life.  You’ve had 2 weeks now to feel bad about your Doritos loss so it’s time for you to get back on that horse goat and find a new contest to enter.  Our sponsors are running some massive video contests and assignments this month so here’s a quick run down of the ones that I happen to think are the most appealing.

Deadline: TBA

TONGAL’S “THE BIG GAME” VIDEO PROJECT:  Here’s a huge contest that totally came out of nowhere.  A few days ago Tongal launched a contest for Dunder Mifflin paper (YES, THAT IS A REAL THING NOW) and the winning ad might air on TV in Scranton, PA during “The Big Game.”  You know what the “Big Game” is right??  Well for legal reasons, Tongal can’t actually use the phrase “Super Bowl” but Tongal and the NFL can’t tell Beardy what to write so I’ll say it, If you win this contest your freaking commercial might air in Scranton during the super bowl!  Sure, nation-wide would be nice but getting an ad on TV in even just one market during “the big game” is a huge deal.  Plus Dunder Mifflin will most likely also use the winning ads online and that would be pretty sweet too.  Tongal runs their contests in phases and the pitch phase for this one ends in about a day!  If you don’t win the pitch phase don’t worry, wild card entries are accepted for this contest.  $25,000 in prizes are at stake so hurry up and get your cousin Mose to help you shoot something more amazing than an episode of Battlestar Galactic that features an all bear cast.  Head here for the details.  Pitch Phase Deadline:  January 15th, 2013.

Deadline: January 24th, 2013

WOMADZ’ “BE THE FIRST” CONTEST:  Late last year a new player joined the video contest scene; Womadz.com.  Womadz is currently holding their first ever contest as sort of a test run.  It’s a neat and worthwhile contest for a few reasons.  First, the site is actually offering some decent prizes.  In the last few years Ive seen a handful of video contest sites come and go because the folks running them didn’t have the capital necessary to back their first contests.  No one is going to spend a lot of time and money to win a “grand prize” of $500.  But Womadz is offering $15,000 in prizes this time.  And the funny thing is, their first contest is just sort of for fun.  Like I said it’s a test run so there is no actual sponsor.  And that’s the other reason I like this competition; filmmakers can just shoot a crazy commercial for any made-up product they want.  So if you’re like me an you have a bunch of random ideas jotted down in a notebook it might be time to pull out one of your favorites and shoot it.  The deadline for this is still 10 days away so you’ve got lots of time.  Click here for more info.  Deadline:  January 24th, 2013.

Deadlines: February 3rd + 7th

POPTENT’S AMERICAN EXPRESS ASSIGNMENTS:  Currently Poptent is running two separate assignments that are being sponsored by American Express and both of them are very winnable.  Most Poptent members go after the easy and fun assignments.  For instance, Poptent’s new SpaghettiO’s assignment will probably get a bazillion entries because anybody can buy a can of SpaghettiO’s and make a wacky viral video about how awesome they are.  But I’ve noticed that credit card and financial assignments don’t usually get a ton of submissions.  That’s because you can’t just make something crazy and goofy; you also have to craft an accurate and articulate explanation of the companies services.  So if you’re willing to spend more than 15 minutes writing your submission you might want to go after one of the new American Express assignments.  Yeah, yeah, credit cards aren’t fun.  But you know what is fun?  Making a $7,500 Poptent sale.  If you enter the SpaghettiO’s assignment you’ll probably have a 1 in 80 shot of making a sale.  But if you enter either of the American Express assignments you’ll probably have like a 1 in 20 chance of making a sale.  For details about AMEX’s Receipt Match assignment head here and for the AMEX Serve assignment head here.  OH BY THE WAY!  Poptent is offering 2 seed payments this month of $250 for all of their open assignments.  If you want to apply for one for either of these assignments, join this discussion and throw your hat in the ring.  Deadlines:  February 3rd and February 7th, 2013.

Deadline: January 21st, 2013

MOFILM’S SYDNEY CONTEST:  Hey you know where I’d like to go?  Sydney freaking Australia, that’s where.  Well if I were to win one of the four brand competitions in Mofim’s newest contest my $8,000 prize would come with a trip for two to the upside down apple. (That city needs a nickname so I’m hoping this one will catch on.)  There are 4 different video contests rolled up in this one event and the briefs look pretty fun.  As always, there are lots of prizes at stake for each brand so go get your Cousin Mose to help you write something better than an episode of Battlestar Galactica that features an all-Koala bear cast.  Then if you win please keep me in mind for your plus one.  I’m willing to bet I’d be more fun to travel with than your Cousin Mose.  That dude’s a weirdo.  Head here for a list of the brands that are participating in this contest.  Deadline, January 21, 2013.

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