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Speed Stick’s 2013 Super Bowl comercial was shot for a Tongal contest!

The ads that win the Crash the Super Bowl contest always get a lot of attention.  But “Goat 4 Sale” and “Fashionista Daddy” weren’t the only crowdsourced commercials that aired during Super Bowl XLVII.  Remember the Speed Stick ad where the guy gets caught holding a strange (and ridiculously attractive) woman’s panties?

That commercial was shot for a Speed Stick contest that was run on Tongal!  It’s always exciting to see a video contest entry air on TV but it’s even more exciting when people don’t know or care that the spot wasn’t produced by a giant production company.  As the lines between pro and semi-pro productions blur, big companies are going to be more comfortable with buying and airing videos that were shot on spec or for contests.

The funny thing is, “Unattended Laundry” didn’t actually win the Speed Stick competition.  It came in second and the director only won $5,000.  Five grand is a very nice prize but the video that came in first received $10,000.  The winning entry was amusing but it wasn’t really a Super Bowl type of ad, if ya know what I mean.  So this situation is a little confusing.  Unattended Laundry was shot by a Tongaler named David Brashaer and he happens to be one of the best video contest filmmakers in the history of video contest filmmakers.  (He created one of my favorite contest entries ever, Duct Tron.)  I’m sure he was very excited to see his work air during the biggest TV event of the year but man, I really hope Speed Stick gave him a little extra somethin’ somethin’ once they decided to make his entry their official 2013 Super Bowl ad.  If the sponsor had gone with one of those giant production companies I mentioned a commercial like Unattended Laundry would have cost at least $50,000 to produce.  Despite its small budget, the commercial does seem to be pretty popular; it’s up to 1.4 million views on youtube and it’s been airing on TV all week.  So hopefully Speed Stick will give the director some kind of bonus or residual payment for a job well done.

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