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Need contest votes? Try VoteRequests.com

This ain’t your first day on the Internet so I’m not going to waste your time or insult your intelligence by explaining what “vote swapping” is.  If you’ve ever entered a video contest that uses a public vote to determine the winner you’re probably already a vote swapping pro.  The other day I heard from the friendly dude who runs the new vote swapping site VoteRequests.com and I thought I’d give him a quick plug-a-rooni.  On V.R. you just post a link to your contest and other people in other contests vote for you.  Then you pay those people back by voting for them in their contest.  Oh shit.  I said I wasn’t going to explain vote swapping but I just did.  Anyway, go post your entries on that site and win some money and then paypal me a cut as a thank you.  40% is acceptable but 60% is preferred.

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3 Responses to “Need contest votes? Try VoteRequests.com”

  1. Joel says:

    Any way to verify people have voted?

  2. Beardy says:

    There’s no way to know for sure. But I’ve used sites like this before and it seems like people are honest and eager to help each other.

  3. says:

    Ironically my first video contest win was by public vote, I won $15,000 from the FreeCreditReport.com jingle remake video contest. But nowadays I refuse to enter public vote contests. Often times you’re going up against youtube teams that have 100′s of thousands of subscribers to my approx 250 subs.

    I had a great jingle framework started for the current Folgers Jingle contest but once I found out that the top 10 would then go to a public vote I bowed out. I guess some people like the challenge but for me it always seem like I wasted my time.

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