Pringles’ “Force For Fun” winners

Pringles’ Star Wars-themed “Force For Fun” commercial contest was one of Tongal’s biggest competitions ever.  There was a $75,000 prize pool and Pringles even promised to use the winning videos in a new online ad campaign.  The company wound up buying 7 videos and all of them are currently on Pringles’ youtube channel.  Here’s the entry that came in first:

Pringles’ First Place Pick.  Prize:  $25,000:

That video was created by the two filmmakers who used to produce the web series BackYard FX, Justin Johnson and Erik Beck.  Unfortunately BackYard FX is now defunct but Johnson moved on and created the Galaxy’s Best Video Contest site, onlinevideocontests.com.  And it looks like Beck and Johnson have a new Youtube Channel under the name TheIndieMachines.  It’s got some pretty ridiculous stuff on there including that’s gotten close to 2 Million views.  If you only watch one funny cat video today, make it that one.  And if you do only watch one cat video today, you need to get your priorities straight.  It’s Friday and the day after the 4th of July.  No one’s going to get any real work done today so you might as well kick back and watch some cat videos until 5PM.

Oh actually, If you like Star Wars and Pringles (I sure as hell do) then you’ll probably enjoy all the winning videos from the “Force For Fun” contest.   Head here to check them out:  http://tongal.com/project/TheForceForFun


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  1. Thanks for the post, Dan!!! Haha — I’m glad the screaming cat video can always one-up all the stuff we actually put time in to! (like our Cardboard Robots video that took 9 months, egads!!) … but you’re right, it IS quite the cat video :)

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