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The Crash the Super Bowl deadline is here. Time to tweet me your entries!


It’s 5:30PM (CST) on Sunday, November 24th.  For weeks and weeks I’ve been trying to come up with a funny (and cheap) idea for the Crash the Super Bowl contest.  About 5 minutes ago I finally had a flash of inspiration.  A funny, weird and affordable idea for a Doritos commercial just popped in to my head and it’s so simple and goofy it might actually have a shot at winning this contest.

Too bad the Crash the Super Bowl deadline is 6 1/2 hours away.  If I had just 3 extra days I could have shot my new, super hilarious idea.  Oh well….I guess maybe I can be the first person to submit an entry next year!

Based on the gigantic spike in traffic VCN has seen in the last few days it looks like a lot of you guys did manage to shoot and submit Doritos commercials this year.  If you did enter the CTSB contest, I want to see your work!  Every year I invite VCN fans to share their links in the comment section of my end-of-the-crash post.  I even offer to write mini-reviews of every ad that is posted.

But this year I’m going to do things a little differently.  If you’d like to get some extra views or votes, you’re welcome to post your link in the comment section below.  BUT…this year I’ll only be doing reviews on Twitter.  Last year I wrote reviews for more than 100 fan-made ads.  I crafted some pretty beefy reviews and it took up a crazy amount of time.  So the Twitter reviews will force me to keep my thoughts to 140 characters or less.  (though if I have something crucial to say I might cheat and reply twice.)  So if you’d like a review this year, here’s what you do:

  • Step 1:  If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter: 
  • Step 2:  Tweet me your link.  Your tweet has got to be public though.  I can’t do any reviews via DM.
  • Step 3:  Be patient!  It might take me a day or two to check out your video.
  • Step 4:  Don’t get pissed at me if I don’t like your video!  I only have 140 characters so I’m not going to sugarcoat my thoughts.  I’m not going to act like a jerk or anything but if your actors weren’t good or if your story made no sense or if your ad just isn’t good enough to air on TV, I’m going to say so.  Please don’t take my comments personally.  I’m just giving you my objective opinion.

Having said that, I hope I see a lot of awesome videos this year.  In a few weeks I will go though my tweets again and I’ll post my Top 5 favorite submitted Crash the Super Bowl ads.  So start sending those entries everybody!  Don’t forget to follow me before you tweet at me.  I promise I’ll follow you back-sies.   And like I said, if you want to post a link to your video in the comment section below, go for it.  If you do post your link here, I’ll reply with a link to my twitter review.  Oh wait….now that I think about it, I suppose not everyone in the world has a twitter account.  So you non-twitterers can just leave a comment and ask for a review on the blog.  Good luck everybody!


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12 Responses to “The Crash the Super Bowl deadline is here. Time to tweet me your entries!”

  1. says:

    Mine is called CHECKMATE.

  2. Jeff says:

    In space, no one can hear you crunch: bit.ly/IerNb9

  3. Aubree says:

    Check these out! Which is your favorite?

  4. Tom says:

    They say go big or go home… This baby went big and went to town!


  5. The Fies Sisters says:

    Dan, thanks so much for providing this space for contestants, and keeping us all up to date on Video Contest News! Your help is invaluable.

    The Fies Sisters have two entries this year:


  6. Lorne Hiltser says:

    Hi Dan! Check out our ridiculous Doritos spot!

    Dorito’s have kick!

  7. Joe says:

    Here are my two entries:

    Meeoww! Purr Edition:

    Meeoww! Hiss Edition:

  8. Dan L. says:


    CHECKMATE review: Very unique concept, very amusing, and a nice strong ending. Good job all around.



    IN SPACE, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU CRUNCH. Review from twitter:

    @XNcreative Costumes were amazing but the ad made no sense. Viewers will wonder what was the point? Nerds will say a bag would pop in space!



    Unfortunately, Doritos could never pick a religious-themed commercial. If this ad aired, they would get too many complaints from Catholics who thought they were mocking Catholicism, priests and confession.



    DRIVE IN: This is a cool idea but to be frank, I don’t like the execution. The “baby” was really more of a shirtless toddler. That was kind of weird. Even if you have a toddler, an actually baby would have been funnier.


    The Fies Sisters,

    TOP DOG HERO: Review from Twitter:

    @kidsis Funny idea with nice action. But all that barking might annoy people if it aired on TV a few times. Needed a crazier ending too.

    CALL OF THE WILD: Review from Twitter:

    @kidsis This is a clever idea but the execution needs to be over the top. (A bear should show up!) And the stock footage might get you DQ’d.




    Funny idea and a very nice production. It didn’t really have a punchline though. I think this would have worked better as 60 second commercial (but of course all ads have to be 30 seconds.)




    I’m sorry to say this but these 2 ads didn’t make much sense. I get the “me-ow” pun but there was no point to it. Also, the footage wasn’t very attractive. It was flat and De-saturated.

  9. Joe says:

    Meeoww! commercial: Man wants girl. Innocent kid wants Doritos. Kids have a huge amount of imagination sometimes that adults just don’t understand. Innocent kid was so attentive to the girl eating the chip that he wanted to distract the guy, hence with his imagination yelling, “Meeoww!” Script was written to contain the 4 required criterias that Frito-Lay was looking for. We shot the image flat and used a LUT to bring up the colors.

    Thank you for your constructive criticism Dan. Very much appreciated and the reason why I keep coming back to your site. :)

  10. Edward Pond says:

    Great ads this year. Check out ours. http://bit.ly/1b4wdYE

  11. Dan L. says:


    THE RIFT: That was f-ing great. I loved the ending. One of my favorites so far this year. Nice work.

  12. Joe says:


    Let me say, from a creative/entertainment standpoint, I seriously enjoyed and thought your commercial, “Rift” would make the top 5. I’m just dazed and confused on some of the semi-finalist selections. Looking forward to your blog post on each semi-finalist Dan.

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