About VCN

VideoContestNews.com is dedicated to providing the growing online community of video contest filmmakers with news, tips, advice, interviews and more.  VCN was launched in the fall of 2009 and has grown to be one of the most popular Video Contest sites on the web.

The guy that runs VCN under the name “Dan L.” is Dan Lamoureux, a filmmaker and a video contest addict who has won more than $100,000 in contest prizes in the last five years. Dan spent so much time researching and studying video contests that he decided he might as well give something back to this new industry and started this blog.  If you’d like to talk to Dan you can e-mail him an at .

Here’s Dan with some of his magical pals

Interested in advertising on VCN?  Advertising a video contest or contest-related website on VideoContestNews.com exposes your ads and links to filmmakers who already have a strong interest in entering online video contests.  If you’d like to receive a copy of our rate card, just e-mail Dan at .


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