Warning: Content best viewed while high

This week Poptent announced a bunch of videos that have won awards or have been purchased by various brands. This video was purchased by .INFO for $5K. The creator of this video has some crazy post-production skills. It’s very professional…and trippy. To fully appreciate this one, you might want to go do a couple bong hits before viewing:

Purchased by Brand. Fee: $5,000.

Three other videos won “Poptent Awards” of $1,000, $500 and $500. You can see those ads here: http://www.poptent.net/blog/?p=776

One thought on “Warning: Content best viewed while high

  1. Hmmm…Dude, I’m not totally positive, but I’m pretty sure that whole “mosaic zoom” thing is just a feature of the latest version of iPhoto. Weak sauce to people who win using automated post-production. Good concept for that contest though.

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