VCN interviews Ryan Thomas Andersen, Crash the Super Bowl finalist and creator of “Time Machine”

Director Ryan Thomas Andersen on the set of "Time Machine"
Director Ryan Thomas Andersen on the set of “Time Machine”

I’m not really a big football fan but everyone on facebook seems pretty psyched that the Seahawks and the Broncos are heading to the Super Bowl.  Seattle is super fun and my brother lives in Colorado so I guess I approve of this match-up!

So now we know which two teams will play on February 2nd.  But we still don’t know which two Doritos ads will air that night.  In fact…neither does Doritos.  That’s because there’s still 8 days of voting left in the Crash the Super Bowl contest.  I wanna help you use your final votes wisely so let’s take a minute to get to know one of the finalists; Ryan Thomas Andersen who created one of my favorite 2014 CTSB entries, Time Machine.

VCN:  Hi Ryan.  Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.   So let’s talk about Time Machine.  Where did the idea from?

Ryan:  This year, it was actually my 6-year-old son who inspired me!  My son & I were watching “Back to the Future” and when the movie ended he asked if I could make him a time machine.  As background, he always asks me to make something related to whatever we watch.  Cardboard was naturally my first thought – the most inexpensive material – and building this machine for my son led to the idea of what you see in the commercial.

VCN:  What was production like?

Ryan:  The production was simple.  It only took about seven hours and it was a very small crew: Sound/PA/Producer/dog wrangler (my mom).  My beautiful son is the little boy in the commercial, and the golden is the family dog.  It was definitely a family affair.  I used the Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5k, with 2 Rokinon Cinema Primes.

VCN:  How did you find out that you had made the semi-finals?  Did you think you had a shot at making the Top 5?

Ryan:  I found out about the semi-finals after I finished a job one afternoon.  I had missed a phone call and listened to my voicemail.  I don’t think I let the voicemail finish before I hit “call back!”  I was so excited!  The contest was open to the world this year – I was just grateful that I was recognized as a “semi-finalist.”

VCN:  How did you find out that you made the Top 5?

Ryan:  I was at my favorite breakfast place eating pancakes and oatmeal when Stan “The Man” Lee called me!  I actually walked out of the restaurant forgetting to pay, then ran back in and threw down $18 for a $5 meal.

Ryan shows his son how to "run" the Time Machine
Ryan shows his son how to “run” the Time Machine

VCN:  What did you do after you got the good news?

Ryan:  After I got the news I was speechless.  I wanted to tell the world, but I thought, “I’m keeping this secret to myself for as long as I can — I have earned this secret!”  I told my friends that I made the Top 5 the same day the world found out.

VCN:  What have you been doing to promote your entry?

Ryan:  I have been doing everything I can think of. I have been on countless radio and local TV stations. I have been on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram constantly interacting with as many people as possible.  I have also been shooting videos of my son, and we made a Vlog where people can follow our character “Mr. Smith” as he wanders Hollywood thinking he’s in the future!

VCN:  Are you excited for the super bowl?  Who are you taking as your guest?

Ryan:  I am stoked for the Super Bowl! I am taking my producer who happens to be a great friend of mine. So it will be amazing for us!

VCN:  Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Ryan:  My final thought is this: Even if I don’t go further in this contest, I hope that I can be a true example for others that if you work hard, and don’t give up on your dreams, they can come true!  It’s hard having a child at such a young age, and people can be very negative in this world.  Persistence and drive go a long way. I am living proof of it right now. If you want to see my ad air during the Super Bowl, just go to and vote for TIME MACHINE! Thank you to everyone who has supported us this far!  I am truly blessed.

VCN:  Thanks Ryan and good luck!

I asked Ryan if he wanted me to include a direct link to his entry but he declined!  He said I should just link to Crash the Super Bowl website since that would be fair to all the finalists.  So if you’d like to vote for Time Machine, just go to