Behold the glory of my fake gold Dorito

I’ve been covering the Crash the Super Bowl contest since 2009 and over the last 5 1/2 years I’ve written over 100 articles about the contest.  I’ve given Doritos so much free publicity that I think I deserve a medal for all my hard work.  And I guess the folks at Frito-Lay agree because last week I was honored to receive the highly coveted “Golden” Dorito….

gold dorito

Ok, it’s not really an award.  And I didn’t get it because of my kick ass blogging skills.  A few weeks ago I received this message via e-mail:


Subject: WINNER/ Crash the Super Bowl Voting Sweepstakes


You were identified as a potential winner of the following prize in the Crash the Super Bowl Voting Sweepstakes, pending verification against the Official Rules.

3rd Prize: MerlinGold DORITOS® chip replica

On behalf of Frito-Lay, Inc., thanks for participating in the promotion!


Usually I get pretty excited when I receive an email that includes the words “WINNER” and “CONGRATULATIONS” but this particular email just left me confused.  I didn’t even realize that you could win prizes for voting in the Crash the Super Bowl contest.  I checked the rules and apparently there were thousands of prizes at stake.  Five people won tickets to the Super Bowl, eight people each won a single ounce of gold (estimated value, $1,076), a thousand people won “gold-plated” Doritos (ARV $31) and another thousand people won a replica of the gold Dorito (ARV $28.77).

That last prize is what I won.  It would have been nice to get an ounce of gold but I’m actually very happy with my fake gold Dorito.  The Crash the Super Bowl contest was a big part of my life so it’s kind of nice to have a small, non-digital memento of the competition.  Having said that, I wonder what would happen if I plunked this thing into the Coinstar machine at my local grocery store.  It would be awesome if it spit out $28.77 worth of real Doritos.

“Doritos Dogs” wins the final edition of the Crash the Super Bowl contest!


Super Bowl 50 is over and so is the Crash the Super Bowl contest!  It’s been a great ten years but I think the folks at Doritos are wise to retire the contest while it’s still popular.  The final winner was Doritos Dogs by Jacob Chase of Los Angeles, California.  Frito-Lay was only supposed to air one CTSB entry this year but they surprised everyone and ran two.  The other ad was Ultrasound by Peter Carstairs of Melbourne, Australia.  Ultrasound aired really early in the first quarter and I just assumed it was the big winner.  So I was really surprised to see Doritos Dogs just after half time.  (or was it just before?  Coldplay makes my memory go fuzzy.)  Ultrasound has turned in a viral hit online so that’s probably why Doritos decided to air it.

Most of the Super Bowl commercials sucked this year but Ultrasound and Doritos Dogs really stood out.  I definitely think a lot of people will be talking about Ultrasound tomorrow.  Congrats to the winners and thanks to Doritos for running such an amazing contest for the last 10 years!

POST SCRIPT:  Hardcore CTSB fans will want to check this out.  Someone associated with the contest was on Periscope during the game.  So now all us non-winners can see what it’s like inside of Doritos’ private box at the Super Bowl.  I was surprised that there weren’t more Doritos!

POST SCRIPT #2:  The USA Today ad meter results were released on Monday; Ultrasound and Doritos Dogs were ranked the #3 and #4 best ads of the game, respectively.  That may sound impressive but keep in mind that the USA Today Ad Meter is pretty much worthless now.  The paper used to run multiple live focus groups but now the Ad Meter is basically just an online poll.  That’s probably why Doritos stopped using it to measure the success of their ads.

Doritos pays tribute to Crash the Super Bowl fans

I gotta admit, now that Super Bowl weekend is finally here I’m starting to get a little bummed about the end of the Crash the Super Bowl contest.  I’ve had a lot of fun covering the competition and once it’s gone the Super Bowl will never be the same.  So before the big game starts, lets take a quick look back at 10 years of The Crash.

Be sure to check back here on Sunday for full coverage of the final installment of Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl contest.  And as always, stay bold my friends….stay bold.

Doritos asks their fans to “Meme the Crash the Super Bowl Finalists”

During the broadcast of Super Bowl 49, Doritos’ facebook page posted a few GIFs that used clips from some of the 2015 Crash the Super Bowl finalists.  The GIFs included football related puns and they proved to be pretty popular.  The GIFs got so many likes and shares that the company decided to post a new slate of them this year.  So a few weeks ago Doritos launched a small contest via their Legion of the Bold platform and asked their fans to “Meme the Crash the Super Bowl Finalists.”  The sponsor picked 5 winners and some or all of the selected GIFs will be posted to Doritos’ Facebook page and Twitter account during the big game.  Here are a few of the winning entries.  The creators of these GIFs will receive $2,000 apiece.

People could use footage or images from any of the three 2016 Crash the Super Bowl finalists but none of the winners were based on “Swipe For Doritos.”  Two entries used clips from “Ultrasound” and three used footage from “Doritos Dogs.”  So those numbers might give us a hint as to which ad or ads will air on Sunday.  If you’d like to see the other winning Memes, head here.

The 2016 Crash the Super Bowl contest already has a clear front-runner

Today we learned which two teams will be competing in Super Bowl 50.  But we still have to wait until February 7th to find out which fan-made Doritos ad will air during the big game….or do we???

Yes, of course we do.  Frito-Lay has been running this contest for 10 years now and the results have never once leaked out early.  But if you’re paying attention it’s not too hard to guess which commercial will air.  The best indicator seems to be social media buzz.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of votes are cast in the final round of the Crash the Super Bowl contest.  The people who make these ads always try and promote their entries but their “get out the vote” campaigns probably don’t have much of an impact.  Most of of the people who vote in this contest are objective members of the public.  It’s all a global popularity contest and these days it’s easy to tell which videos are popular and which ones aren’t.

On January 19th, all three 2016 Crash the Super Bowl finalists were posted on the company’s official Facebook page at the exact same time.  I suspect that this was an intentional experiment; the sponsors probably wanted to see which ad would gain the most traction on social media.  If this was a premeditated experiment, the results were surprisingly conclusive.  Here’s how each entry fared:




Look at the numbers for Ultrasound!  1.7 Million views in less than a week is pretty impressive but the crucial stat here is the number of shares.  When a facebook user shares a piece of content that means they love it…..they love it so much that they want their friends to see it.  A person who shares a CTSB ad is the type of person who would actually go to and cast a vote for that entry.  Since January 19th, these three commercials have been shared a total of 33,889 times on facebook.  But 89% of those shares were for Ultrasound.  It’s an absolute blow-out.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Ultrasound is a lock but at this point it’s definitely this year’s front-runner.