Tons of tasty prizes up for grabs in Buitoni’s “Girls like Guys who can cook” video contest

Damn right they do.

According to Buitoni, girls like guys who can cook.  Well you know what I like?  I like video contests that offer a whole bunch of prizes!  Whenever I come across a video contest that offers multiple runner-up prizes worth $200 or more I make it a point to enter.  Obviously it would be awesome to win the grand prize, but if I spend 5 hours planning, shooting and editing an entry that nets me 250 bucks, I’ll walk away happy.  Basically, if I have an opportunity to make $50 an hour, I take it.

And Buitoni is now offering just such an opportunity with their “Girls like Guys who can Cook” video contest.  The top prize is $10,000 but 15 people will also win a year’s supply of Buitoni pasta in the form of 52 coupons.  The AVR of each runner up prize?  $259.48.  That’s pretty damn good; especially when you consider how easy it is to enter this contest.  Pretty much all you have to do is shoot a 60 second video of a guy cooking with Buitoni.  Here’s a little promo video to show you what they’re looking for:

I also like this contest because of how the sponsors are picking the winners.  First there’s a public vote to determine 15 finalists.  Each finalist wins the year supply of pasta.  Then judges from Buitoni pick the grand prize winner.  Doing the judging like this really cuts down on cheating.  People are willing to cheat to win $10,000 but not a lot of people will cheat for a 1 in 15 chance at $10K.  The risk just isn’t worth the potential reward.

So this is a really excellent contest.  Last year I was in a Home Run Inn Pizza video contest and I won a year’s supply of free pizza.  Home Run Inn send me a dozen coupons but Buitoni is offering 52!  I used to give those free pizza coupons to friends and they would flip out.  So I might just have to enter this contest.  If I win a runner-up prize, everyone I know would be getting a fistful of free pasta coupons for Christmas.

The deadline for this particular contest is November 4th.  Head here to check out the rules:

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  1. Butoni is good stuff. I literally bought a bag of it this weekend. I’ll probably eat it before I have a chance to shoot a video though, lol.

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