VCN Sponsor Spotlight: 10/19/12

Man, I really ran myself ragged this summer.  Being Beardy is hard work!  So I’m about to take a much needed, just-for-fun vacation.  I’m heading to Boston and Salem for a few days to learn about history and look at pretty leaves an sh*t.  Before I run out the door I thought I’d do a quick rundown of the some of the best contests our sponsors are currently running.  October is a really great time to enter commercial contests since a lot of filmmakers will be focusing all their energy on shooting Crash the Super Bowl ads.  So the level of competition for some of these contests might be a little lower than normal.

Deadline: 12/31

POPTENT AND FILMTHENEXT.COM’S FALL “SECOND CHANCE” CONTEST:  This contest is so easy to enter you could literally submit an entry in about 5 minutes.  All you have to do is upload one of your old, non-winning video contest entries and Poptent and Film The Next will give you a “second chance” at winning a prize.  Two videos will each receive $250.  No, that’s not a lot of money but this contest requires almost zero effort so you might as well go for it.  You can upload any kind of video contest entries but commercials usually wind up winning.  So you should try and submit your slickest, funniest, most professional work.  The only catch is that videos that were previously submitted to other Poptent assignments aren’t eligible.  So dust off that cool Mofilm ad or Crash the Super Bowl commercial and send it in.  TOP PRIZE:  $250.  DUE DATE:  12/31/12.  To enter, head here.

Deadline for Pitches: 10/30

TONGAL’S TOPCODER VIDEO CONTEST: is a new website that’s kind of like a video contest site for coders.  According to Tongal: “TopCoder is an online community of hundreds of thousands software developers, algorithsmists, and digital designers.  TopCoder hosts specific online competitions that produce and deliver the best digital solutions for their Global 1000 and Government Agency clients.”  So it makes perfect sense that TopCoder would turn to the folks at Tongal for their video needs.  TopCoder is looking for 90-120 second videos to raise awareness about their site.  A ton of huge cash prizes are up for grabs in this one.  And this competition just launched so you swill have about 10 days to submit a pitch.  If your pitch is selected, you win $500.  I think techy video contests like this often turn off artsy-fartsy filmmakers so if you’re able to think like a geek, you should definitely go after this one.  TOP PRIZE:  $15,000.  PITCH PHASE DUE DATE:  10/30/12.  (the video deadline will be announced after the pitch phase)  Head here for details.

Deadline: 11/19

MOFILM’S CHEVROLET – CAPETOWN VIDEO CONTEST:  Mofilm contests are always great to enter because if you win your category, you get cash plus a trip.  Mofilm has sent filmmakers to some amazing locations but now they want to send their winners to Cape Town, South Africa!  There are currently three open categories for the Cape Town contest but I think the Chevrolet competition is the one you should look at first simply because there are still production grants available for that one.  Mofilm grants go REALLY fast so the grants might actually all be gone by the time you read this.  If the blue “Apply for a Production Grant Now” button is still up, I suggest you write up a pitch and send it in ASAP.  If Chevy likes your idea, you’ll get a few hundred of a few thousand dollars to help cover your production costs.  And as you can imagine, having a budget of $1,000 or so will really increase your chances of winning a prize.  TOP PRIZE:  $8,000 and a trip to Cape Town.  DUE DATE:  11/19/12.  For more info, head here.

One thought on “VCN Sponsor Spotlight: 10/19/12

  1. Hi Beardy,

    I have noticed a significant drop in the Poptent community as of late. I have submitted two videos and loved the process but the quiet community is jarring. I want them to succeed yet I hear complaints about missing deadlines, assignments that run for months on end. Because of this, I’ve seen alot of top talent and friends walk away from the site and over to the tongal side.

    So I ask you this, is falling apart? Are they closing shop? I see it slowing and I’ve heard rumors but hate to see them go.



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