Pepsi Max wants to send you to Barcelona!

So are you sick of winter yet?  I know I sure am.  I’m in the midwest and the weather has been brutal since Thanksgiving.  We’ve had a string of below-zero days and we’ve already got at least of foot of snow on the ground.  And the fun has just begun!  I don’t want to bum you out but technically mid-December is still Autumn.  Winter doesn’t even officially begin until this saturday.

I don’t know about you but I’m not sure if I can handle four straight months of ice and snow and darkness.  If you’d like to escape all that for a few days this February you may want to enter Pepsi Max’s new Mofilm competition.  If you win the grand prize the company will send you and a friend to sunny Barcelona!  (Average February temperature is 57°F and snow is “unheard of.”)  There are a ton of big cash prizes at stake too.  First Prize also comes with $8,000 in cash.  Second Prize is $4,000, Third Prize is $2,000 and Forth and Fifth Prize are $1,000 each.

This competition is a little different than most video contests.  Pepsi Max doesn’t want straight-up commercials.  Instead, they want short films that tie in with the brand’s messaging.  Here’s a quick explanation of what they’re looking for:

Most people think no sugar means no taste when it comes to soft drinks – but that’s not the case! Pepsi Max somehow manages to achieve the same great taste but with no sugar.  It’s clever.  It’s almost unbelievable.

Pepsi want films that celebrate the unbelievable outcomes that can result from a bit of cleverness.  We’re not after ads, but real films that bring to life the spirit of unbelievable.

We don’t want a transformational story about how Pepsi Max makes you unbelievable, but an attitudinal story which brings the Pepsi Max spirit to life.  Your film must be about somebody whose story is a metaphor for the Pepsi Max narrative of an unbelievable outcome thanks to a little cleverness!  But in the same way that there is no trickery involved in the making of Pepsi Max, your idea should be real.

It could be somebody who makes ‘magic’ happen in a clever way mirroring the Pepsi Max story.  Like the guy who avoids getting caught by his wife after a late night out with mates by leaving his pyjamas by the front door so he can change when he gets back in and then walk backwards into the bedroom.  If she wakes up he can start walking towards the bathroom as if he had been in the room all the time.

That right there is why I like Mofilm so much.  Commercial contests are great but it’s awesome when a company wants to award filmmakers for creating fun, entertaining, un-branded short films.

There are some important restrictions and instructions in the contest brief so head here to read it:

The deadline for this particular contest is February 3rd, 2014.  You know….if you win first place maybe you can invite your pal Dan from VCN as your guest on the Barcelona trip!  Trust me, I’m a super fun traveling companion and I made it all the way through Spanish IV in high school so I’m practically bi-lingual.