Refer a friend to Mofilm and maybe win some cash!

Welcome friends to VCN: Lite!  It’s pretty much the same as the old VCN except with a new, brighter background!  I didn’t really like it at first but the blue and white grew on me fast.  I think it makes the site feel cleaner and more cheerful.

And speaking of being cheerful, you know what would really fill me with cheer?  Winning $500 thanks to Mofilm’s new referral plan.  If you refer a friend to Mofilm and if they go on to win a Mofilm contest, you’ll get 500 bucks.  To refer someone you just need to click this link: and then enter their e-mail address.  I wanted to make sure that the e-mail Mofilm sends out wasn’t too spammy or annoying so I had an invitation sent to myself.  Here’s the e-mail I got:


That’s a nice, short, not-at-all spammy message.  As you can see, if you send out an invite your own name will appear at the bottom of the e-mail they’ll receive.  I think that little bit of personalization is a nice touch.  It will probably deter people from just blindly referring every filmmaker they’ve ever met.

But anyway, back to VCN: Lite.  If you don’t like the site’s bright new look, just e-mail me and I’ll send you a copy of the old, dark-blue JPEG I used to use as a background.  Then you can tile it in photoshop, print out some strips and then tape them on your screen whenever you visit VCN.