Lay’s million-dollar “Do Us a Flavor” contest is back for 2014!

My flavor idea is “Baked Alaska.”  Don’t steal it!!

Lay’s gigantic “Do Us a Flavor” contest must have been a big hit because FritoLay is already running it again.  The whole competition is pretty much the same as last time.  If you have an idea for a crazy new flavor of Lay’s potato chips, you can submit it online and if your flavor is chosen you’ll win a million bucks.  Lay’s explainer video is cute and certainly worth one minute and five seconds of your time.

I posted about this contest last year and for some reason, HUNDREDS of people left comments here listing their flavor ideas.  Apparently they thought that VCN was somehow officially affiliated with the contest and that they could enter just by leaving a comment on my post.  Just for the record….you can’t enter here.  Please folks, do not leave me hundreds of comments that just say “Buffalo Chicken” or “Avocado and Onions.”   If you want to enter this contest, head here:

5 thoughts on “Lay’s million-dollar “Do Us a Flavor” contest is back for 2014!

  1. I think you should make a bag of chips called hodge -podge. It would be a mix of all the chips already made in one bag I think it would be awesome a different taste in each bite.

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