Who loves ya, baby? Project ED, that’s who!

This month we’re welcoming a new sponsor to VCN; Project ED.  I’ve watched ProjectED.com grow over the last year or so and I really like what they’re doing over there.  Here’s how they describe their mission:

At Project ED, we challenge filmmakers, animators, artists, teachers, and students to create short films that teach. Each month Project ED hosts multiple contests on topics from English, Math, and Science. These contests empower creators to build a narratives around specific learning goals while giving them opportunities to jumpstart their careers and earn rewards. The best videos win prizes, are featured across the web, and are used by thousands of teachers and students.

So Project ED is quite different from most of the other video contest sites out there.  Rather than create commercials, filmmakers are asked to produce educational videos that will be shown to actual students.  If you’d like to see a sample of what kind of videos Project ED is looking for, here’s a great submission to their “Scary words” contest from last October.

Project ED runs a few different contests every month and a few days ago they launched their Valentine’s Day-themed “Expressions of Love” contest.  Every finalists will win $200 and one adult winner and one student winner will receive $1,000 each.  To enter you just need to pick one of these words or phrases; paramour, amorous, devoted, keen on, woo, effusive, desirous, or star-crossed lovers, and then create a video that explains what that word or phrase means.  All videos need to be 60 seconds or less, you can choose only one word for your video and you must use the definition provided here.

All entries are due by March 3rd.  If you win, be sure to send me a big heart-shaped box of cocolates!  For more info, head here:  https://www.projected.com/contests/28-expressions-of-love