Help Kickstart a documentary about the king of Royalty-Free music, Kevin MacLeod

I just realized that I might hold a really lame world record.  I bet I’ve watched more video contest entries than anyone else on the planet.  I probably watch at least 1,500 contest videos every year (most of those are Crash the Super Bowl entries) and I’ve been doing so for more than five years now.  Once I started watching these entries habitually, I picked up on a weird trend; the name “Kevin MacLeod” was popping up constantly.  For some strange reason, tons of filmmakers around the world kept giving him a “music by” credit.  At first I though “Kevin MacLeod” had to be some kind of film industry joke-name like Alan Smithee.  But Kevin Macleod is definitively a real guy and over the last 18 years he’s managed to rack up thousands of “music by” credits.  His work has probably been used in hundreds of video contest entries but he also has more than 1,600 TV and film credits listed on his IMDB page.

So why does everyone love this guy’s work so much?  Well, because it’s free, that’s why.   MacLeod’s tracks are Royalty-Free and free to download from his website,  If you’ve ever used one of MacLeod’s free songs, you now have a chance to re-pay his largess.  Some filmmakers are producing a documentary about the composer and they’re trying to raise funds for the project on KickStarter.

The project has just 8 days left to meet it’s funding goal so donate while you can.  I’m genuinely interested in seeing this film so even though I’ve never used any of MacLeod’s music, I think I’m going to have to kick in a few bucks: