“Middle Seat” and “When Pigs Fly” win the 2015 Crash the Super Bowl contest!

With four minutes left to go, Super Bowl XLIX is still a nail-biter.  But the 2014-2015 installment of the Crash the Super Bowl contest is finally over.  The two winning fan-made commercials were:

Middle Seat by Scott Zabielski:

and When Pigs Fly by Nelson Talbot:

Here’s what it looked like inside FritoLay’s private box at the Super Bowl when “Middle Seat” aired:

Click image to view
Click image to view

Man, there were a lot of good sports in that box.  And that includes Elizabeth Banks.  She didn’t try and squirm away when the winning director gave her a weirdly long hug.

I wasn’t surprised when Middle Seat aired but I really didn’t think When Pigs Fly would win.  Both commercials looked damn good and for some reason, When Pigs Fly just seemed more amusing on TV.  We’ll find out tomorrow morning which commercial was picked by the judges and which one won the online vote.  The ad picked by the judges will get $50,000 and the one picked by the fans will win a million bucks.  Middle Seat was the best and most professional finalist this year so I have a feeling the judges picked that one.  If I’m right, that means that When Pigs Fly will probably take home the grand prize.

UPDATE:  Ha.  Well I was wrong.  “Middle Seat” won the million dollars!


4 thoughts on ““Middle Seat” and “When Pigs Fly” win the 2015 Crash the Super Bowl contest!

  1. I think they both worked for Super Bowl ads, at least there was an attempt at humor with them. Overall I think this was the worst Super Bowl commercial season EVER. Everybody was going for an emotional feel as opposed to humor, I don’t get it. Trying to get you to buy a car after making you want to cry first just didn’t work for me.

    I was really disappointed with most of them. Probably worst than last years batch.

  2. I have to agree with Danny. I barely laughed last night at any of the spots and although it was nice to see the more meaningful commercials with important themes, not sure those work for the Superbowl. I was simply bored. The two Doritos spots did nothing for me, I think this contest has run its gamut and just feels unnecessary now. The only spot for me that stood out was the BMW i3 with Katie Couric and Bryan Gumble for it’s sheer “OMG, there was a point where we didn’t know what the internet was!” moment. Hated the Brady Bunch spot and after watching the behind-the-scenes making of it, to see how much time and money went into that, really? Ugh. So as Danny said above, the worst batch I can remember…

  3. Thanks for the great coverage all the way through to the end Dan! I hit your website first for insightful contest updates!

  4. I figured Middle Seat would win. That was a pretty easy call from all of the finalists. Doritos left out some quality spots from the finals. It’s nice to have the cash to rent out Air Hollywood and get professional working actors to be in your spots. Most of the spots during the game were weak like last year. The game was good though. I have to disagree with Jae about the Brady Bunch ad. BBDO and Jim Jenkins over at Opositive did a stellar job. Bryan Buckley didn’t direct any ads this year because of his film and Sundance. He usually has 3-4 spots per Super Bowl. Hopefully Doritos runs the contest next year! Keep up the solid work Dan.

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