A look inside Poptent’s abandoned office space

The story of Poptent’s demise is starting to gain some traction in the media. The Fox affiliate in Philadelphia paid a visit to Poptent’s offices to see if anyone was left.  There wasn’t…

That was pretty sad. I’m glad Poptent doesn’t owe me any money because if they did, the sight of that empty office space would make me go berserk. It feels like the jerks in charge just locked the doors and skipped town.  If Poptent DOES owe you money, the time has probably come for you to get a lawyer.  A few people over on the poptent forums have been discussing their legal options.  Head here if you’re interested in maybe joining some kind of class action suit or if you just want to add your name to the growing list of filmmakers that were stiffed by the company:  http://www.poptent.com/discussion/63274

One thought on “A look inside Poptent’s abandoned office space

  1. The forum is a great place for us to keep tabs on the situation but I hear the site will be taken offline at the end of May, is that right?

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