Anti-Gay idiots are boycotting Doritos and the Crash the Super Bowl contest

Taste the Rainbow
Taste the Rainbow!

In 2012 Mike Huckabee was a semi-serious contender for the republican nomination.  But people aren’t really buying his God-Guns-Grits-and-Gravy shtick anymore.  Huckabee is once again running for president but this time he’s polling at just 3%.  Desperate times call for desperate measures so Huckabee is trying to stay relevant (or at least on TV) by picking a fight over a few thousand bags of rainbow colored Doritos.

Huckabee (who seems like more a pork rind man) is upset because Frito-Lay teamed up with the It Gets Better Project which supports LGBT youth.  If you donated $10 the company would send you a bag of super-limited edition Rainbow Doritos.  (The bags have all been claimed but you can still donate here.)  It was a cute little stunt that was meant to help a very worthy cause but gays are icky so Huckabee is calling on Christians to boycott all Frito-Lay products.

Of course Huckabee can’t come right out and tell people to boycott a company that wants to keep gay teenagers from committing suicide.  So he’s using sex columnist Dan Savage as an excuse.  Savage and his husband created the first “It Gets Better” video in 2010.  Dan Savage has said some pretty gross (but insightful and funny) stuff about hardcore anti-gay Christian politicians like Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee. So Huckabee sent a letter to Frito-Lay’s board of directors that said, in part:

“It is beyond me to understand how a responsible corporation would think that partnering with someone who spews the vicious vitriol that Savage does would be worthy of your corporate contributions.”

He went on to say that the board should listen to this (NSFW!) audio clip and decide if Savage represents their company’s values.  And if they still want to work with It Gets Better then “the Christian community needs to be made aware that Frito-Lay has decided to not seek their business.”

But the Dan Savage stuff is just a smokescreen.  It Gets Better was inspired by Savage’s video but the project has taken on a life of its own.  It’s now a major charitable organization and I don’t think Dan Savage actually has much to do with how it’s run.

Huckabee’s fans clearly understand that this boycott isn’t really about one guy.  These people knew Huckabee wanted to punish a company for putting a rainbow on their bag.  So a few hundred slacktavists jumped on facebook and started posting a bunch of hateful stuff about gays on Doritos’ facebook page.  Doritos keeps posting about the Crash the Super Bowl contests so these posts are being targeted by nutballs who hate Dan Savage the fact that gay people exist.  So posts like this….


Are filled with comments like these…


I have to hand it to Doritos.  No pun intended but it’s pretty bold to leave all these ugly comments on their facebook page.  All this hate demonstrates exactly why we still need organizations like It Gets Better.

As for the Crash the Super Bowl contest, I doubt any of this garbage will have much of an effect on it.  The people making jokes about “gayritos” and “queer commercials” probably don’t have the brain power necessary to create a decent 30 second ad.  Plus slacktavists have really short memories.  A lot of these folks will probably forget all about their “BOYCOTT!!!!!” in a few weeks.