Doritos announces their picks for the 2016 Crash the Super Bowl finals!


D-Day is finally here!  This afternoon Doritos revealed which three Crash the Super Bowl entries will be advancing to the finals.  These three ads were selected from a pool of 50 semi-finalists that were announced in December.  Last fall Frito-Lay received more than 4,500 submissions so a director’s chances of making the finals were 1 in 1,500.  Here are the 3 ads that made the cut.  Overall all I think these ads are solid picks and they range from “good” to “really good.”

Doritos Dogs

Creator:  Jacob Chase from Los Angeles, CA
Budget:  $1,000

Every year I try and predict which entries will make the finals and this time around the only pick I got right was Doritos Dogs.  It’s a cute, fun entry that is just a perfect fit for the Crash the Super Bowl contest.  The image of the giant dog-man is really incredible.  I’ve watched this entry a a few times and it does get a little boring after repeat viewings.  But FritoLay could easily cut this commercial down to 15 seconds.  I think this entry is going to win the online vote by a landslide and a 15-second cutdown of Doritos Dogs will probably run on TV for months. VCN’S GRADE:  A-


Creator:  Peter Carstairs from Melbourne, Australia
Budget:  $2,000

Maybe it’s just me but I think this ad is freaking creepy!  It’s also funny and based on a good idea but something just feels sort of wrong here.  Some bouncy background music probably would have helped lighten the tone a little.  To be honest, I’m shocked that this entry made the Top 3.  I’m not really sure that CBS will want to air Ultrasound during the PG-rated Super Bowl.  Some uptight parents might get upset if their young kids learn about the mechanics of childbirth during a football game.  Plus some viewers might get freaked out by the punchline; the mental image of a baby shooting out of a woman’s vagina is kinda terrifying.  (at least the Doctor mentions that the baby is only a few days away from being born).  I’d really like to know if the network has pre-approved this ad.  If they haven’t, maybe the judges picked this one because they know it will be rejected.  If the winning entry can’t air during the Super Bowl, I assume the ad that came in 2nd will be named the as the winner.  So when the judges picked Ultrasound they may have secretly been staking the deck in favor of one of the other finalists.  VCN’S GRADE:  B-

Swipe For Doritos

Creator:  David Rudy from Los Angeles, CA
Budget:  $4,500

This is a cool ad and I think people will really like the visual effects.  But I’ve always been put-off by big-budget Crash the Super Bowl entries.  This contest is supposed to be about helping an outsider “crash” into the industry.  The creator of this ad apparently owns a talent agency and I’m guessing that most of the women in this commercial are his clients.  The most recognizable face is of course Doris Roberts from Everybody Loves Raymond.  But the other women all have serious resumes too.  (you may recognize the “I’d sneak out for you” girl from Parks and Recreation and the mom from Wet Hot American Summer.)  Casting recognizable actresses in this ad seemed unnecessary.  It feels like the director was sort of showing off.  I thought Frito-Lay created this contest to see what kind of ads the “average joes” out there in middle American could make.  But if you can spend $4,500 on your entry and if you can get a 5-time Emmy winner to do a favor for you then you don’t really need any help breaking into the industry.  Having said all that, I do think that this is a good commercial.  I just wish the judges hadn’t picked it because it goes against the crowdsoucing premise of the competition.  VCN’S GRADE: B

Voting in the CTSB contest is now underway and will last the rest of the month.  The ad that gets the most votes by January 31st will air during the Super Bowl and the creator will receive a million dollars plus a chance to work with the director Zach Snyder.  The two runners-up will each win $100,000.  Everyone is allowed to vote once a day (per device).  You’ll need to register before you can vote but you can automatically sign up with your facebook, twitter or Google + accounts.  If you’d like to vote, head here:

7 thoughts on “Doritos announces their picks for the 2016 Crash the Super Bowl finals!

  1. Not impressed by the “top three”. Two of them were actually creepy. I agree with comments from others that the contest is dominated by “professionals”. Why bother soliciting enteries from amatures when they have no hope?

  2. First of all I think there were better works than the finalists. Then, from the last 3 i think “Ultrasound” is the only original and that delivers the brand message. I mean “Doritos Dogs” is just a filmed Scooby Doo scene, it sells the joke from the very beginning and i know exactly what will happen (the dogs will find a way to get Doritos), while “Swipe”is a real-life Tinder (the only surprise is that the old lady swipes the guy…so?). I was referring also to the brand message: FOR THE BOLD! Why are the dogs bold? They are wise maybe and find a trick, but not bold. Also the swipe-guy: he’s bold because keep the old lady? He has to do something bold to get Doritos, not a compromise as choosing an old lady!

    In exchange, “Ultrasound” has an unexpected final (you may expect to kick his mother belly, but not to burst out!). Also, if getting out of your mother belly before term to get a chip is really bold. The future man starts to take his own decisions since he is not even born! I will get out from here all by myself!

    In conclusion, “Ultrasound” deserves to win, but i think it won’t. Dogs have the biggest chances: superficial (easy to understand) and using cute animals. By the way, if Doritos wont’ aire it, i would sell it to a “dog food” brand. It’s perfect!

    I rest my case!

  3. The winner is obvious.. I doubt they will want to associate a food product with dogs or ultrasounds in a hospital. Another shady video contest with an insider winner.

  4. Luv Ultrasound gets my vote how funny is that and to say its creepy is wrong . Its very well thought out…and so what a guy would do!

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