Reason #273 to worry about Donald Trump: He has no idea what Net Neutrality is


Last night I watched MSNBC’s “Commander in Chief” forum and as usual, Donald Trump said a bunch of batshit crazy things.  In case you missed it, he believes that a president can purge all of “the generals” and replace them with new and much better generals, he thinks that his intelligence briefers are sending him secret messages via body language and he’s adamant that we should go back into Iraq to “take the oil.”  But Trump is so delusional and misinformed it’s hard to keep track of all his terrible ideas and opinions.  So here’s one you may have missed; Donald Trump is against Net Neutrality.

Or at least he says he is.  I looked up his position and it seems like he doesn’t actually know what Net Neutrality is.  Here’s what he said about NN last time there was a push to preserve the rule:

I guess Trump thinks that Net Neutrality will force cable companies, websites and radio stations to give equal time to both sides of an issue.  And that’s a outrageously stupid conclusion.  Net Neutrality isn’t about bringing back the “Fairness Doctrine.”  It’s about making sure that Internet Service Providers treat all websites the same.  Because we currently have a neutral Internet, ISPs can’t charge extra if customers access sites that send or receive a lot of data like Youtube or Netflix.  If the rules were to change, using the Internet would become very expensive and not for nothing but it would probably do serious damage to the budding Video Contest industry.

According to Gizomodo, that one tweet is basically all we know about Donald Trump’s position on Net Neutrality.  Maybe if someone explains to him what it actually means he’ll change his mind.  (Maybe we should tell him that ISPs might throttle access to Twitter.)  But eventually some Telecom stooge will tell him what to think about NN so his position will probably just get tougher and stupider by the first debate.