Paqui Chips launches the most dangerous video contest of all time


Back in 2012 I almost died while shooting an entry for a video contest sponsored by Charles Shawab.  I was filming inside a poorly-ventilated bouncy castle in the middle of July and the thing pretty much turned into an oven.  Even though I was over-heating I wanted to finish my shoot so I kept bouncing and filming.  After a few minutes I started to get dizzy and I realized I couldn’t stand up anymore.  I laid down and could barely move.  I was all alone and there was no reason for anyone to check on me.  I knew that if I didn’t crawl out the escape tunnel in the next few minutes I’d pass out and probably die.  Even though it would have been a hilarious and totally appropriate fate, I didn’t want to be the first person to die while shooting a video contest entry.  So pulled myself to the exit and managed to squirm out the kid-sized porthole.

And (spoiler alert) I lived.  (And I won the contest’s $10K grand prize!)  Which means that do this day, no one has ever died while filming a video contest entry.  But that may soon change thanks to Paqui Chips!  Paqui makes “gourmet tortilla chips” and ridiculously hot chips are their specialty.  The company’s new Carolina Reaper chips are apparently made with the spiciest pepper in the world.  These things are so hot that Paqui only sells one of them at a time.  Eating a Reaper chip is pretty much like getting pepper sprayed right in the mouth.  So of course the company wants people to film themselves while they eat one for the first time…..

I’m surprised that Paqui’s lawyers ok’d the #ONECHIPCHALLENGE because eating super-hot peppers can be really dangerous.  Although it’s unlikely, the Carolina Reaper Pepper is so hot that it could cause serious side effects…like death.  I don’t want to bum you out so I won’t post any links, but if you check google you’ll find some stories about people who died from eating (non-reaper) hot peppers or hot pepper sauce.  (They’re especially dangerous for small kids).  So pepper-related tragedies do happen every once in a while.

But one little chip probably won’t trigger any fatal heart attacks.  Still….you’d have to be at least a little crazy to enter this contest.  The grand prize is a year supply of (regular) chips and a nee GoPro Hero4 Silver.  So that’s a lot of risk for a medium-sized reward.

Now having said all that….I think I’m going to enter!  I mean hey, why not?  If that bouncy castle couldn’t kill me, one chip’s not going to do me in.  Plus I’d love to get a new GoPro.  And everyone who enters gets a free bag of chips!  So if you’re feeling as bold and as stupid as me, click here more details about the contest: