’s 2016 video contest winners

Happy Election Day Eve, everybody!  24 hours from now we’ll probably know who the next president will be.  This election year has been totally bananas and I’m glad I got to live through it.  I think future Americans will still be talking about and writing about Clinton V. Trump a hundred years from now.  And an amusing footnote to most of those stories will be the Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson.  2016 was supposed to be the Libertarian’s big year!  All the pundits thought Johnson would pull in big numbers of people who didn’t want to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush.  But ooops, the republicans nominated a straight up loony bird and Johnson proved he didn’t really know anything about anything so the Libertarian’s hopes fizzled out months ago.

Oh well, there’s always next time (unless Trump wins and he cancels the 2020 election so Ivanka can take over.)  For now I figured I’d give the Libertarians one last chance to shine and post the winners of the video contest.  For this contest, filmmakers were supposed to explain what makes them passionate about liberty.  The top three videos won $4,000 each.  Here they are:

See you all in the future! Have a safe and fun election day. Be sure to take a drink every time a state turns blue and say a prayer whenever a state turns red. And if the Libertarians somehow win a state, well I guess you should do a big bong rip and fire an assault rifle into the air.