Audible just ran the biggest video contest of 2017

2017 was a low-key year for video contests. There was no big, multi-million dollar, marquee contest like Doritos Crash the Super Bowl promotion. There wasn’t even a smaller, must-enter TV commercial contest with 5 or 6 figure prizes. In the end, the biggest contest of the year was kind of a sleeper candidate; it was’s 20 year’s of listeners contests. Instead of offering a few giant prizes, Audible gave away 20 brand new Volvo XC60s plus some cash to cover the taxes. Each prize was worth about sixty grand which means the prize pool was about $1.2 million. Here’s what Audible said about the contest:

Audible is commemorating 20 years of storytelling—all made possible by their listeners. To celebrate, they are turning over the microphone: inviting you to enter our contest and tell them why you love to listen to Audible!

They are looking for stories and anecdotes from listeners about how Audible has made a meaningful difference in your life.

The video you submit to the contest can answer one or more of the following questions:
• Which narrators do you listen to and why do you find their narrations appealing?
• What types of books, genres or authors do you enjoy and why?
• Where do you listen to Audible?
• How has Audible improved your life?

Literally THOUSANDS of people wound up entering this contest. It was a smash hit. But the judging style was kind of weird. A public vote determined a set of 100 finalists and then a panel of judges picked the 20 winners. But the voting was open during the submission period. So the first videos submitted had weeks to collect votes. And the people who entered at the last minute had no chance of making the finals. Based on the number of last-minute entries I saw, I think a lot of people didn’t understand how the process was supposed to work.

Even though the judging was kind of weird, Audible still managed to get some good winners. You can view them all here: