Mofilm wants to showcase and promote your Virtual Reality and Drone videos

POTUS watches some Mofilm videos (I assume)
POTUS watches some Mofilm videos (I assume)

Remember when “crowdsourced” ads were hip and cool?  Well, those days are long gone, Chachi.  Thanks to advances (and price drops) in camera technology, homemade commercials now look as good as “real” TV and web ads.  That’s one reason why Doritos discontinued the Crash the Super Bowl contest.   The entries kept getting slicker and eventually the ads lost that weird, wild, amateur edge that originally made them special.

Fortunately for us, brands still love crowdsourced videos because they get a great bang for their buck.  But as new types of media are being developed, companies will probably once again look to semi-pro and amateur producers for unique, cutting edge content.  It seems like there’s about to be a huge jump in demand for three types of videos: drone footage, 360° videos and virtual reality projects.  The folks at Mofilm are already planning for this Sea Change; the company wants their members to submit certain types of “innovate” content.  Here are some details from Mofilm:

We want to showcase and promote your innovative content!  We’re well aware that many of you are experimenting, learning and creating some really great work with 360° cameras, virtual reality technology and drones – and we want to help you show it off.

Here’s what we’re looking for:  360 and VR – your best work that uses the technology in smart and purposeful ways, to immerse the audience in a story in a way that only 360 and VR can, rather than retrofitting concepts that are perfectly suited to traditional video.  Drones – films that use drones creatively, to transport the audience to the sky in a way that really enhances the experience.

We’d love to see films that are: narrative, pure beauty / landscape, sports / outdoors, comedic, sci-fi or fantasy etc. They must be brand friendly – please steer clear of anything that may be considered inappropriate or uses harsh language.

Keep in mind that Mofilm isn’t running any kind of contest here.  They just want to see and showcase your VR, drone and 360 work.  And that’s a little weird.  I mean, why are they doing this?  Well, I haven’t talked to anyone at Mofilm but I have a theory; it seems like Mofilm is doing a talent search here.  I’m sure their clients are asking about all these hot new formats so Mofilm is probably trying to build a healthy roster of cutting edge VR/360/Drone creators.  So if that sounds like you, you may want to submit some work.  If Mofilm likes your stuff, they may just offer you some gigs or grants in the near future.

For more details about Mofilm’s new content search, click here.