Doritos’ “Boldest Thanksgiving Recipe” actually looks pretty tasty

I’ve been running this website for a long, long time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Thanksgiving-themed video contest before.  That’s strange because the concept is just so easy.  “Hey Product X fans, tell us why you’re grateful for Product X and you could win a giant turkey stuffed with hundred dollar bills!”  Well, Doritos did run a Thanksgiving contest this year and they just announced the results.  They were looking for  holiday recipes that included Doritos.  I don’ know your grandma feels about side dishes full of orange chips but if I showed up and my Nana’s place with a Doritos dish she’d probably fake a seizure and drop it on the floor.  But the video that won the $3,500 grand prize actually looks pretty good…obvious…but good.  And I mean God Damn, this is the most obvious Doritos recipe anyone, anywhere could think of.  It’s basically just a taco pie with Doritos on top.  In fact, if you  you google “Doritos Taco Casserole” you’ll find tons of similar recipes.  But at least the video is well-made.  I can’t embed the video so click the image below to watch it on the Legion of the Bold site.


That looked sort of tasty, right?  I don’t know if I’d make it for Thanksgiving but I’ll definitely whip one up if I get invited to 420 day fest.

Doritos debuts the winner of their Dinamita ad challenge

The Crash the Super Bowl contest may be dead but Frito-Lay is still running commercial contests via their Legion of the Bold platform.  Last week they debuted the winner of one of their biggest contests to date, the Create A Dinamita Spot challenge.  Here’s how the LOTB described the contest:

This entire thing started over two months ago when we asked Legion of the Bold for ideas. Then we selected three bold ideas. Then we asked you all to pitch us your vision. Then we selected 3 Legion members to go make those spots.

Holy sh*t, wait a second…this all sounds really familiar.  Is it possible that Frito-Lay just ripped off Tongal’s 3-phase, contest model?  Tongal was running idea, pitch and video phases long before LOTB ever existed.  This Dinamita contest even had a “wildcard” element; three pitch winners were guaranteed to receive prizes (in addition to their production grants) but one of the four prizes was set aside for a “wildcard” video that anyone could shoot on spec.  That is EXACTLY how things work over at Tongal.

Ok, I’m going to stew on all this and do some digging.  For now let’s get back to the Dinamita contest.  Here’s the entry that won the grand prize.  The sponsor must like it because they’re already running it as a web ad.  In the last week, it’s been viewed more than 800,000 times on Facebook alone.

First Place Winner.  Prize:  $15,000:

The other three winners in this contest also received some pretty big prizes.  Second place got $12K, third got $10K and 4th got $7.5K.  To see all the winning videos, head here:

Doritos wants you to create “movie posters” for the Crash the Super Bowl Semi-Finalists

FritoLay has decided to use a tiny crowdsourced ad contest to promote a gigantic crowdsouced ad contest.  Over on the company’s new Legion of the Bold platform, Doritos fans are being asked to create “movie posters” for any of the consumer-made commercials that made this year’s Crash the Super Bowl Semi-Finals.  Here’s the relevant copypasta:

Attention Movie Buffs! We’re looking for bold Doritos® movie poster ads that will turn heads and spark excitement to vote on the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl finalists. Crash the Super Bowl is an annual online commercial competition run by Doritos, where fans get to create, vote on, and pick our next Super Bowl commercial—the biggest of big leagues. Each year at least one fan-made commercial is guaranteed to air during the Super Bowl. This year, two ads will air, and one finalist will win a dream job at Universal Pictures and a million dollars. Cha. Ching.

Want in on the action? On December 1st our twenty-nine semi-finalists were announced. Pick a semi-finalist ad and come up with a Hollywood-worthy movie poster for that ad. If that ad is selected as one of the ten finalists in the contest, your poster could be used during the voting phase of our Crash the Super Bowl promotion! Fame and glory, thy name is Doritos.

Ten poster-makers will win $200 each.  No that is not a typo.  The biggest prize you can win in this contest is 200 bucks.  I have no idea why FritoLay would offer millions of dollars in prizes for the Crash the Super Bowl contest and then cheap out when it comes to promoting the CTSB finalists.  How many people are really going to spend an hour or two creating a 24 x 36 inch. 300dpi, CMYK poster in exchange for the opportunity to maybe win $200?  Hmmm, actually, that’s a good question.  I wonder if they’ll even get 10 entries.  Hey, maybe I’ll slap a couple submissions together tonight!  They’ll probably suck but if less than 10 people enter I’ll be guaranteed to make a couple hundred bucks.  If you want to enter too, you better hurry; the deadline is December 16th at 11:59PM.  Details here:

Doritos’ “Legion of the Bold” winners


We’re still waiting for FritoLay to announce their picks for the Crash the Super Bowl semi-finals so I figured I could kill a little more time by posting the results of a DIFFERENT Doritos contest.  Just after the the 2014-2015 CTSB was announced, FritoLay launched a Poptent assignment for their new “Legion of the Bold” platform.  Here’s how Poptent described the assignment:

We’re fairly sure that you’ve heard of a little brand called Doritos and their exploits in the world of crowdsourcing their Super Bowl commercials. Turns out they’re so stoked on the results of Crash the Super Bowl that they’re hoping to tap into creative brains for all sorts of tasks. To do this, they’ve created the Doritos Legion of the Bold platform to generate content ranging all the way from inspired written pieces to smooth-as-butter video.

For this assignment we are asking you to build awareness of—and excitement for—the Doritos® Legion of the Bold platform among creative Doritos costumers/consumes with a passion for content creation of many kinds. Your video should tell the story of why Doritos created the Legion of the Bold and to drive new registrations to participate in the program.

So it sounds like FritoLay is so crazy for crowdsourced content that they’re going to start running lots of smaller contests all year long.  That’s an interesting bit of news in and of itself.  There’s currently one small contest up on the Legion of the Bold website so I’ll write more about the campaign once they start running some video contests.  For now, here’s the promo video that won the Poptent assignment.  It was purchased by FritoLay for $10,000 and they company will eventually use it to promote

That was trippy.  I liked it.  I seriously wanna rip off that fireworks effect.  FritoLay also bought some other Poptent entries for $5,000 a piece.  If you’d like to see those too, head here: