starts posting daily contest updates on their Youtube channel

You’re a fan of, right?  If you like entering video contests, you pretty much have to be.  Sure, VCN is the #1 video contest blog but OVC is easily the #1 video contest site in the universe.  I only post one or two articles a week but the OVC team updates their site every, single weekday.  And now, they’re actually increasing their coverage!  As of July 4th, OVC has been posting video updates to their youtube channel five days a week.  Each video is hosted by the site’s admin Marissa and in each episode she recaps a hot new contest.  Here’s a sample of a recent upload:

If you’d like to keep track of all these helpful videos, you should probably follow this link and hit the SUBSCRIBE button:

Via IndyMogul: How to find and win video contests

If I were a much lazier blogger, about 50% of my posts would just be embeds of How-To videos created by IndyMogul.  If you haven’t checked out their youtube channel before you should stop reading this and click here to subscribe right now.  If you poke around their page you’ll find about a hundred gazillion handy tips for low budget filmmakers.  But this week’s episode is especially relevant to the interests of video contest filmmakers since it’s about finding and winning video contests!

If you’re a hardcore video contester (I’m hoping that phrase will catch on) then this video won’t really tell you anything you don’t already know.  But if you’re new to the game, this video will give you a crash course on the basics.  Actually, the episode starts with some cool info about the new wave of prosumer cameras that were unveiled at the NAB show in Las Vegas last week.  So even if you’re a video contest super-genius you might want to check it out.

Poptent’s 2nd Chance and Demo Reel assignments

So, are you still feeling bummed about not making the finals in Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl contest?  Well snap out of it already!  You’ve had almost a month to get over the bad news. It’s time to move on to something new!  The odds of making the CTSB finals are just insanely terrible.  For every one winner there was something like 560 non-winners!  So If the 2010/2011 “Crash” was your first video contest you really shouldn’t let that loss deter you from entering other, more win-able video contests.  You just need to pick your next contest a little more carefully.  And by that I mean you should try and focus on a contest that you actually have a chance in hell of winning.

A great place to start is one of’s “Ongoing Assignments.”  These assignments aren’t really like the commercial ones they run for other companies.  The open-ended assignments are sponsored by Poptent and don’t require you to shoot anything new!  So you’ve probably got videos on your hard drive right now that you could submit to these competitions.

Currently Poptent does two of these on-going assignments. The first is called “Demo Reel of the Month” and the name pretty much tells you everything you need to know.  Every month the Poptent staff picks their favorite directing, editing or cinematography reel and awards its creator 500 bucks.

The other Open-Ended assignment is the “Second Chance” contest which is co-sponsored by The concept for this one is pretty awesome.  If you shot an entry for a video contest and DIDN’T WIN any prizes you can submit your overlooked masterpiece and Poptent and OVC will award prizes to their favorite “non-winning” videos. So…maybe your Crash the Super Bowl entry will wind up winning something after all.

But money isn’t the only reason to enter these Ongoing Assignments.  The submitted “Second Chance” videos and Demo Reels help Poptent editors discover filmmakers that they want to work with in the future.  So even if you don’t win you might find yourself invited to participate in a private assignment.  And I can tell you, those are pretty sweet because the sponsors will actually send you free samples of their products so you can feature them in your ads.  Last year I got invited to a private assignment for the Nokia Neuron and Nokia sent me a sweet new cell phone.  (and yes, you get to keep the freebies)

Oh, one more thing; Poptent is apparently thinking about launching a third, Ongoing Assignment but they haven’t picked a theme yet.  Like the other two Open-Ended assignments they want to keep it so you don’t have to actually shoot anything new to submit. Right now they are leaning towards an “Indy trailer / film / pitch assignment.”  What do you guys think about that idea? Is that something you’d want to enter?  Or do you have a better suggestion?  If you’d like to share your thoughts on this leave a comment or e-mail me at and I’ll pass your suggestions on to the Poptent staff.

For details on the current “Demo Reel” assignment, click here.

For details on the Winter installment of the “Second Chance” contest, click here.