starts posting daily contest updates on their Youtube channel

You’re a fan of, right?  If you like entering video contests, you pretty much have to be.  Sure, VCN is the #1 video contest blog but OVC is easily the #1 video contest site in the universe.  I only post one or two articles a week but the OVC team updates their site every, single weekday.  And now, they’re actually increasing their coverage!  As of July 4th, OVC has been posting video updates to their youtube channel five days a week.  Each video is hosted by the site’s admin Marissa and in each episode she recaps a hot new contest.  Here’s a sample of a recent upload:

If you’d like to keep track of all these helpful videos, you should probably follow this link and hit the SUBSCRIBE button:

OVC’s tips for being a video contest winner

Sorry the blog has been kind of quiet lately.  I started a new job as an editor this month and I’ve been working like crazy.  (I’ve only had time to watch 4 episodes of the new season of Arrested Development!)  I had to learn Final Cut Pro X really quickly and my brain no think good right now.  So VCN will be a little sparse and sloppy for a while.  But my schedule and my mind should be back to normal soon enough.  In the meantime, I’m just going to share some content that someone else put a lot of work in to.  Each week the folks at my favorite website, post a video that lists new and notable video contests.  In a recent special episode they outlined several tips for filmmakers who want to start winning video contests.  Their advice is great and the video is well worth 2:14 of your time.

If you’d like to subscribe to OVC’s youtube channel, head here.’s awesome new features is easily one of my favorite websites on the entire Internet that doesn’t feature boobs or captioned cat photos.  Until now they’ve pretty much focused on doing just one thing, really, really well; listing video contests.  The design of the site is PERFECT.  It’s clean, user-friendly and simply cool-looking.  You can even do custom searches for contests based on specific criteria like whether or not they use judges or public voting to determine the winners!  It’s just awesome and I can honestly say that the site has helped me find more than a few contests that I went on to win.

And the the folks at “OVC” have made a good thing even better by adding some great new features to the site.  Registered users can now post their winning videos in the “WINNERS” section and if a filmmaker needs votes to win a contest, they can post their video in the “UP FOR VOTE” section.  I expect to be making use of both features in the near future.  Follow the links to check out the new stuff: