How to shoot decent video with an iPhone

The people who set up video contests always want to get as many entries as possible.  Even if most of the entries aren’t very good, a ton of submissions just makes the contest look more successful.  So sponsors usually go out of their way to encourage people of all skill levels to submit videos.  And that’s why you’ll see a lot of contest announcements that include lines like this:

“You don’t need a big fancy camera to shoot an entry.  Just grab your flip cam or iphone and have fun!”

What the sponsors fail to mention is that if “production quality” is part of the judging criteria, the little video you shot with your cell phone probably won’t stand much chance against the slick entries that were shot with DSLRs or HD video cameras.  But as I learned from the video I’m about to post, you actually can get pretty decent footage out of an iphone if you follow a few simple steps.  This tutorial was shot for the youtube channel which is filled with lots of helpful how-to videos.  If you have an iPhone, this video is definitely worth checking out.  But take note: It does start with a lot of yelling and some cheesy but realistic gun play.  So you probably shouldn’t watch this one while at work or while babysitting.


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