About VCN

Seems like every marketing guy and their momma is trying to entice us Joe Handycams into shooting ads for their company.  There’s a lot of cash and a ton of prizes waiting to be won in online video contests and if you have even a smidge of writing, shooting or editing skills, all that awesome stuff could be yours!

But if you’re here you probably know all that so what exactly is the purpose of this site?  Well, there are plenty of places to go on the web to find out about new contests but there really isn’t anywhere to go to get commentary about them.  How many times have you wondered what video eventually went on to win what contest?  A million?  And how many times have you wondered why the heck a contest was being run so crappily?  A billion maybe!?  Well wonder no more.  Not only will we be posting results but we’ll also be digging up news about how and why video contests are being run the way they are.  So you guys focus on winning ‘em and we’ll cover the aftermath of your glorious victories and/or pathetic defeats!

VideoContestNews.com is the number one blog about Video Contests on the web.  It was launched in September 2009 by video contest filmmaker Dan L.  For more info about Dan (and his alter-ego Beardy) head here.


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