Why do youtube view counts freeze at 301?

Youtube absolutely fascinates me.  My inner video geek gets psyched every time the site makes even the tiniest of changes.  I’ll never forget that fateful day when youtube suddenly started playing videos in HD!  And oh man….when the 100MB file size restriction was lifted it freaking changed my life.  But one of my favorite things about youtube is that it’s sort of got an air of mystery to it.  No one outside of the company really knows how the site does certain things.  For example, if everyone knew exactly what constituted a “real” view it would be easier for jerks to fraudulently inflate their view counts.

But for once someone from youtube has decided to go on record and explain one of the site’s weirdest quirks.  In this video by , we finally learn why view counter for some videos often freeze at 301.

So to all you goofballs who are still trying to “reload and refresh” your videos until they become “viral” hits, you can stop. That trick may have worked back in 2005 but the days of eacy fake views is long gone. Now if you want to get youtube views you actually have to make an entertaining video. Or you could just hire some guys in China to generate a 10,000 views for five bucks. I’m actually working on an article about how you can spot fake or purchased youtube views so if you’re into youtube talk, be sure to check back here next week for the full story.

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