All I want for Christmas is….your vote!

Hello my friends!  In this season of generosity and good will, won’t you consider voting for my entry in Randstad’s “Inspiring Expert’s” Video Contest? Voting is CRAZY SIMPLE.  All you have to do is click this link or the image below to go to my video.  The you hit the green “Vote Now” button and that’s it, you voted!

Click my face to vote!

Yeah, the video is kind of dull but for this contest people were just supposed to talk about their careers and share some inspiring words. But here’s one interesting thing about this video; I shot it with my new Panasonic HVX200.  The camera is way, way easier to use than my T2i and the picture seems to be a little richer and sharper.

The voting in this contest runs until January 1st and you can vote once a day.  But even one vote would be lovely and much appreciated.  Randstad got more than 360 entries for this contest which makes this contest sound totally un-winnable.  But those numbers are deceptive.  In fact, I entered this contest because the odds of me winning are actually pretty darn good!  Randstad is giving out a bunch of prizes in two categories; Entries by Students and Entries by Professionals.  When I found this contest I realized that most of the entries were made by students.  And I also noticed that a whole lot of the “professional” videos were shot in the same location.  That means that someone working for the sponsor went out and shot a bunch of entries.  That kind of stuff actually happens a lot in contests.  It’s an easy and fair way for the company to get a ton of entries.  But entries that the sponsor helped create never win contests like this.  They’re just there to take up space and the people in the videos never actually try and get any votes.

So right now I’m in 25th place overall.  And among Professional entries I think I’m in fifth.  First place (for each category) is $5,000, an iPad and an extra $5,000 for the winner’s charity of choice.  And 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place in each category gets $1,000, an iPad and $1,000 for charity.  So it’s a really awesome contest and I’m going to go all out to win this one.  So please help me start the new year out on the right foot and vote for my entry.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is….your vote!

  1. Beardy,
    Hope you win. You got my vote. On a side bar, I run a non-profit charity. If you haven’t selected one, please keep us in mind. If you have selected one, you still have my vote. Go rock the world and be blessed.

    Pete K.

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