Indy Mogul returns to Youtube

I have a bunch of cousins that range from ages 5 to 16.  Whenever I see them at a family gathering (like the memorial day BBQ I went to on monday) they pull out their phones and start showing everyone youtube videos.  Most adults run away from that sort of nonsense but I’m always interested to see what kids are into these days.  (Turns out it’s mostly vapid junk).  Once we start talking about youtube, my cousins always ask me “what’s your favorite youtube channel!?!”  I usually rattle off the names of the only youtubers I know (like Jenna Marbles or Pewdepie) just to mess with their heads.  When they get excited and say “wow, really!?” I say “no…not really.  I’m a grown man and grown men aren’t supposed to have a favorite youtube channel.”

But I guess that rule’s about to change because one of the only youtube channels I ever liked or cared about has been resurrected.  Indy Mogul was a how-to channel for low-budget filmmakers and I found it to be an invaluable resource during my early video contest days.  I remember specifically that their puppet-making tutorial helped me win a few grand in a contest way back in like 2009.

Unfortunately, Indy Mogul was sort of cancelled about three years ago.  What happened to the channel is actually an interesting and complicated tale.  You can get an abridged version of the show’s backstory here:

Indy Mogul will start posting new episodes next week.  But if you’re dying for some fresh content you can watch this video to hear some A’s to frequently asked Q’s.

And now if you’re REALLY an Indy Mogul fan you might as well go all the way and make a donation to the show’s Patreon account.  The guys behind the show, Eric and Justin (who also happen to be successful Tonglers) are paying for the new episodes themselves.  So follow this link if you’d like to kick in a little something you know, for the effort:


@Midnight’s #HowIGetAroundContest winner to be announced on Thursday (at midnight)

This Thursday night I THINK some or all of my entry for @Midnight’s #HowIGetAround video contest will air during the show.  As far as I know, I didn’t win the grand prize (A new Jaguar XE!) but honestly I’m just psyched to maybe see some of my work air on Comedy Central (Even if that work is incredibly stupid).  The show actually used a quick clip of my entry in the promo video they released today.  See if you can spot me!

Update: If you can’t get the above video to play, you can watch in on twitter like a caveman:


Netflix’s will tell you the true speed of your Internet connection

You're about to see some serious sh*t!
You’re about to see some serious sh*t!

I’m a freelance editor so I’m always uploading and downloading gigantic files.  Sometimes my Internet is blazing fast and sometimes it seems hilariously slow.  I’ve used free online tests to check the speed of my connection but those results always seem kind of fishy because those sites are usually trying to sell you something.

But now the people of the Internet have a simple, free, unbiased way to check the speed of their ISP;  Netflix bought the domain recently and launched the speed test because “We want our members to have a simple, quick, commercial-free way to estimate the speed their ISP is providing.”  The rest of the story is pretty obvious: if customers have trouble streaming content from Netflix, their customer service reps can ask those people to check their speed.  If their ISP is too slow, they’ll realize they can’t blame Netflix for their streaming issues.  It’s a simple but brilliant idea.  And it’s nice that Netflix made the site available to everyone.  I just checked my speed and I’m hitting 88 MPS.  Not bad.  I think I’ll go celebrate by streaming 9 or 10 episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Blue Apron creates a crowdsourced cooking show

My girlfriend (like all girlfriends everywhere) loves Blue Apron.  If you’re not familiar with that company, BA sends you recipes and the exact ingredients you will need to prepare those meals.  It’s a weird service.  Like, if the recipe calls for 2 sprigs of fennel they will ship you exactly two sprigs of fennel.  I’m not a big fan of BA because they pretty much put fuggin’ mushrooms on everything and glob dammit I hate mushrooms.  (When I was a kid I at some mushrooms I found in the woods because I thought they’d make me bigger like Super Mario. I tripped balls for three days straight and eventually the cops had to fish me out of a green drain pipe.)  But mushrooms aside, I guess I can see why people love Blue Apron so much.  And I’m not surprised that their first video contest was such a big hit.  The company asked people to film themselves cooking a specific recipe for a chance to win a trip to New York.  About 200 people entered and Blue Apron used some of their favorite entries to create a crowdsourced cooking show.  It’s a brilliant idea and the final product is very watchable:

The sponsor wound up picking two winners.  Both are dog-themed.  So eventually Blue Apron is going to get sued by some dummy who’s dog got burned while helping him make crispy chicken in orange sauce.


How to Clean Up in Clean Water contests

I have a really dumb video contest tip for you today.  Are you ready for it?  Ok, here it is: Start writing down ideas for funny videos about clean water.  Once you have a few good ones, flesh them out into really strong scripts.  Then head to google and set a news alert for the terms “Water” and “Video Contest.”  At some point during the next few months I guarantee that you’ll hear about at least one new Clean Water-themed video contest.  How do I know this will happen?  Because it happens all the time!  “Clean Water” might be one of the most popular contest themes of all time.  So if you have some decent water scripts chillin’ on your hard drive, eventually you’ll be able to pick one and shoot it.

Unfortunately, water-themed contests are usually run by non-profit groups so the prize pools tend to be on the small side.  But contests run by non-profits usually don’t get a ton of entries so at least the competition will be light.

If you need some watery inspiration, check out the $2,000 grand prize winner American University’s “Eco-Comedy Video Competition.”

This video is kind of cute but it also would have been easy to beat.  (A panel of judges picked the winners).  You can see all the runner-up entries here but trust me, I know you could write and shoot something better than all of them.

Actually no, wait…WTF am I doing.  Now I want to write some scripts and enter Clean Water-themed video contests.  Forget everything I said in this post.  I am as dumb as this tip was.