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Zooppa’s 7-11 contest named “Best Advertising Online Campaign” of the year

This news is a few months old but the details are interesting so I thought it deserved a post. Back in April, The Web Marketing Association gave Zooppa and 7-11 an award for running the “Best Advertising Online Campaign” of the year.  I’ll cut and paste the press release below.  Take note of the numbers at the end of the announcement:

Zooppa is a crowdsourcing platform with over 230,000 creative members – The Integer group and 7-Eleven came to Zooppa to have their community create UGC around the following mission:

“Create a 15 second video about Slurpee drinks and video games and the amazing, wonderful, ridiculous things that happen when they come together”.

There were a total of 163 videos submitted and 10 who won a cash pool of $25,000

How the media was used:  The winning videos from the Slurpee/Xbox Zooppa contest were used as pre roll spots across which is a video entertainment network for the gamers. This ran from November 6, 2013 – January 2, 2014.

Campaign objectives:  The campaign objective was to drive gamers to 7-Eleven stores to purchase Slurpee® drinks for rewards points to enter the Slurpee/Xbox Sweepstakes on

Results of the campaign:  The pre-roll assets had about 4.5M impressions at a 1.46% CTR. Also, there were a total of 3.8M video completions at a 78.3% completion rate.

The results of this particular campaign are staggering.  The winning video was used as a pre-roll ad on youtube.  7-11 only paid the creator $10,000 for the work but it generated 4.5 million impressions.  And 78% of viewers watched the ad all the way to the end.  I think these stats prove two things; #1: User-Generated Content is still a freaking amazing bargain and #2: If advertisers want people to watch their pre-roll ads all the way to the end, they need to make them as short as possible.

I checked the 7-11 project page and found the video that won the contest and raked in all those millions of “impressions.”  Here it is:

Click to watch

Click to watch on



Yes kitties, u can haz all the votes and nomz!


Video contests that use online voting to determine the winner always suck.  A lot of contestants flat-out cheat which means the best videos rarely win.  But the folks at Friskies have succeeded in making the voting phase of their cat-themed video contest suck a whole lot less.  The sponsor is donating one can of cat food for every vote that is cast!  Here’s how it works:

With your support, The Friskies 2014 will generate a donation of thousands of cans of Friskies® to 10 partner animal-rescue organizations around the country.

The best thing about it? It couldn’t be easier! Here are the details:  Every time you vote for a video, we donate 1 can of Friskies®, up to 250,000 cans.

It really is THAT simple. With your participation in The Friskies 2014 we are hoping to provide a lot of food for a lot of hungry cats out there! So sit back and relax, watch some videos… then when the time comes get to voting!

I think that’s totally brilliant.  Yeah sure, a lot of contestants will try and cheat but the sponsor has given “the public” a great incentive to vote for their favorite entry.  So the real, un-biased votes should negate any cheating that happens.  And best of all, lots of hungry little kitties will get some tasty num-nums!  So do something good for our feline friends and go vote for your favorite Friskies finalist.

Oh wait, scratch that; it looks like you can vote for EVERY video in the contest!  You don’t even need to register before you vote.  There are 12 finalists so if you go vote for all of them you’ll essentially be donating a dozen cans of cat food in about 6 seconds.  That’s awesome.  Head here to vote right MEOW (heh):  :



Mofilm rocks Chicago!


Mofilm’s 2014 Lollapalooza winners

There are two types of Chicago-landers; those who love Lollapalooza and those who try and avoid it at all costs.  The music festival draws about 300,000 people to the center of the city so the congestion and crowds are a little insane.  I used to belong to the “avoid at all costs” camp but there is one thing that can get me downtown during the first weekend in August; Mofilm’s annual Lollapalooza awards dinner at Smith & Wollensky.  The nice folks at Mofilm always send me an invite and for the first time since 2011 I was actually able to attend.  As always, Mofilm treated their winners like rockstars and threw an awesome little party.  I wish I could post the winning ads but unfortunately the brands haven’t debuted them online yet.  But the first place winners were Nikki Parlane of New Zealand for Friskies, Robert Burdsall of Los Angeles for Cisco, Ilze Myburgh of South Africa for Castrol and Marc Riera Madurga of Barcelona for Boost Energy Drink.

I took a bunch of photos with my cell phone and I was planning on posting them below.  But they didn’t turn out so great so I’ll mix in a bunch of the professional shots that I ganked from Mofilm’s Facebook page.

Cocktail time

Cocktail time

The view at Smith & Wollensky ain't too bad

The view at Smith & Wollensky ain’t too bad


I was tempted to grab this whole thing and run out the door with it


Me and my friend Amelia.  Just out of frame is the giant pile of shrimp I was eating

The Mofilm team

The Mofilm team

The Mofilm awards.

The awards just before they got to meet their new owners


Mofilm’s Richard Cottrell kicks things off

Handing out the awards

Handing out the awards

The winners show off their whale tails

The winners show off their whale tales

Nikki Parlane at Smith & Wollensky Chicago Steakhouse.

The judges gave their grand prize to Nikki Parlane for her Friskies video


Goodnight Chicago!

If you’re feeling a little jealous of these happy folks you might want to head to and try and win one of their current competitions.  They have 17(!) live briefs right now and the winners will all receive trips to destinations like London, New York, Africa and Singapore.



DQ’s “S’mores Music Video Contest” winners



I first heard about Diary Queen’s “S’mores Music Video Contest” about two months ago.  DQ asked their fans to  “create the next verse” in the theme song for their new S’Mores Blizzard.  The company really promoted this contest hard and even mentioned it during their commercials.  So I’ve been hearing about Dairy Queen S’more Blizzards all summer and just now it finally hit me that DAIRY QUEEN IS SELLING BLIZZARDS WITH S’MORES IN THEM.  What the hell is wrong with me!?!?  Why did it takes 8 weeks for my brain to realize that this was an important piece of information?  Why have I not been going to Dairy Queen once a week to get a S’more Blizzard??  I feel like I’ve wasted half my summer!  Vanilla ice cream + graham crackers + chocolate + marshmallows  sounds fuggin’ delicious.  Why did it take ice cream scientists so long to come up with that?  Now that I hear it, that glorious combo sounds like a no brainer, doesn’t it?

Hmmm, well right now it’s 9:14PM.  I bet my local DQ is open ’till ten.  Maybe if I cut this post short I can get there before they close.  Ok, so yeah, here are the winners of the S’Mores contest.  Um, I think the sponsors picked three finalists and then voters picked the winners.  First prize was $10,000, second prize was a $1,000 Dairy Queen gift card and third prize was a one free Blizzard a week for a year (oh baby).  I can’t embed the videos so click the image below to see the winning entries.


Like I said, click this to see the winners

Ha!  Even after Photoshopping that screenshot it’s only 9:28PM.  It’s time to head to DQ and take my frosty reward.  But I swear if it turns out they closed at 9 tonight I’m gonna burn that little shack to the ground.



Some dude raps about how much he loves Dry Cleaning and wins $5,000

Paradise Lost.

Paradise Lost.

My parent’s had big plans for me when I was a kid.  They had always hoped that I would grow up to be a Professional Dry Cleaner with a chain of stores all across the Chicagoland area.  They were constantly on my back telling me to study more and keep my grades up.  I can still remember how they would yell at me…”Do you want to be a bum you’re whole life!??  You’re never going to get accepted to the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute with a 3.5 GPA!!”  I eventually did get accepted to the DLI (my dad had to grease a few palms) but I got expelled after I was caught riding around on one of those big mechanical clothes-wheel things.  My parents were devastated and our relationship was never the same.  After all these years, there’s still an empty frame on the wall of my mother’s living room that was supposed to hold my diploma from “The Institute.”

Sorry to unload my old baggage onto you.  It’s just that the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute recently held a video contest and it’s got me thinking about the charmed life I almost had.  For the contest, the sponsors wanted contestants to….

share what you love about the way your DLI professional drycleaner makes you look. Subjects could be drycleaners in your area, friends or family who get their clothes drycleaned, or you!  The best videos will convince people across the country of the importance of the services that DLI members perform. Your video should be educational and entertaining and represent the entire industry instead of a specific cleaners.

The DLI picked their grand prize winner and it was a rap video about dry cleaning.  It was created by some dude from some city.  I could look up his name but I’m too depressed.
First Place Winner.  Prize:  $5,000:

Sigh….why did it have to be a rap video?  When my Grandfather was on his deathbed he made me promise that I’d become a rapper.  That was 10 years ago and I’ve yet to bust a single rhyme let alone drop an entire album.  Oh God, I’m a disappointment to everyone I’ve ever known!


Recent winners from Mofilm, Poptent, Project ED, Tongal, and Zooppa

Wondering what types of videos are winning online video contests these days?  Well aren’t you a curious kitty!?  Just for you I’m gonna post a semi-random selection of entries that have recently won big prizes via the top Video Contest platforms.  I’ve learned that embedding a dozen videos in one post can really jack up my site so I’ll just be posting images of the winning videos.  You’ll need to click those images to watch the actual entry.

Elias Music Library editing project via Tongal.  First Place Winner.  Prize: A Tesla Model S:


LEGO Car Commercial Spoof contest via Tongal.  First Place Winner.  Prize: $12,500:


Sico Contest via Mofilm.  First Place Winner.  Prize:  $8,000 + a trip to Sao Paulo:


Purina Pro Plan Contest via Mofilm.  First Place Winner.  Prize: $8,000 + a trip to SXSW:


SOLO: Up for Anything contest via Zooppa.  First Place Client Award.  Prize: $5,000:


Lindsay Olives contest via Zooppa.  First Place Client Award.  Prize: $10,000:


Sound of Music contest via Project ED.  Adult Grand Prize Winner.  Prize:  $1,000:


Sound of Music contest via Project ED.  Youth Grand Prize Winner.  Prize:  $1,000:


Birdseye video assignment via Poptent.  Purchased by client:  Price: $12,000:



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