Petco’s “Great Ones” video contest winners

Your best friend
Humanity’s best friend

Consider this; a dog is man’s best friend.  But diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  Ergo, David Bowie’s 1974 album “Diamond Dogs” is everyone’s best friend.  Unfortunately my entry about our BFF was rejected when I tried to submit it to Petco’s “Great Ones” video contest. Clearly the Petco judges were biased because they don’t sell album food.  Or maybe they’re just not totally insane like I obviously am.  Here are the two regular dog-themed videos that won first and second place.  The first one is actually a very sweet song about a dude and the pets he loves.  The second place entry was created by one of the biggest video contest winners of all time, Walt Arnett.  It is strange, to say the least.  It features features a rapping pug decked out in tiny bling and….oh holy shit wait a second!  A pug wearing bling; IT’S A REAL DIAMOND DOG!!!!!

First Place Winner.  Prize:  $50,000 + a $50K donation to Hunstville animal control:

Second Place Winner.  Prize:  $25,000 + a $25K donation to Kentuckiana Pug Rescue:

What does the good side of the Internet look like?

Trend Micro is a company that makes men’s razors specializes in keeping people and data safe on the Internet.  For the last four years they’ve been holding their annual “What’s Your Story” video contest and the 2013 winners were just announced.  In the past, this competition focused on topics like cyber-bullying and the abuse of new technology.  But this year Trend Micro asked contestants to answer just one question:  What does the good side of the Internet look like?  I tried to enter this one but they didn’t accept my video…probably because I didn’t actually create it.  I just sent them a link to this video.  I think it demonstrates the good side of the Internet better than I ever could.

A panel of Shark Cat hating judges picked the winners and to be frank, they’re kinda dull so I’m not going to post them.  After I saw the videos that won I decided not to cover the results of this contest but then I realized it would be a good excuse to post that funny cat/dog/duck/roomba video.  So here we are.

The two grand prize winners each won $10,000 and a few runners up each got $1,000.  If you want to see them head here:  Or if you’d like to see the “Good Side of the Internet” video I almost posted instead of the Shark Cat video, click here.

Mayor of Virginia Beach presents key to city to the star of Man’s Best Friend

Over the year’s I’ve reported on a lot of really bizarre Video Contest News.  But this is story is especially weird.  You remember Man’s Best Friend, right?  It was the Crash the Super Bowl ad that featured a hilariously gigantic dog that bribed a guy with a bag of Doritos.  The commercial wound up being ranked the best ad of the Super Bowl by USA Today’s ad meter (the real one, not the bogus online vote one) and so the creator of the spot, Jonathan Friedman, received a million dollar bonus from Fritolay.  Friedman is from Virgina Beach and the town decided to pay tribute to his accomplishment by presenting a key to the city to Huff, the great dane from the ad.  Yes, the dog is the one that got the key to the city.  If that wasn’t strange enough, the mayor’s office actually made a crazy video about the whole thing.  I won’t try describing it.  Just watch it and be happy that there are still people and politicians in this country that aren’t afraid to get weird once in a while.


Man’s Best Friend scores the #1 spot on USA Today’s Super Bowl ad meter!!!

2012 Crash the Super Bowl winner, Man's Best Friend

It’s about 2:00AM on Monday morning and USA Today just released some ALL of the results of their annual Super Bowl ad meter poll.  And guess what??  The Crash the Super Bowl ad, MAN’S BEST FRIEND scored the number one spot!!!  That means the creator of that ad, Jon Friedman will win Doritos’ ONE MILLION DOLLAR ad meter bonus!  And since his spot was the highest ranking Doritos commercial, Friedman also wins the chance to shoot a project (presumably a Doritos commercial) with the guys from The Lonely Island.

Here’s the entire Top 5 list.  It looks like the other Crash the Super Bowl ad, Sling Baby just missed landing “in the money” and came in 4th.

  • Doritos – Man’s Best Friend – 8.82
  • Volkswagen – Dog Strikes Back – 8.73
  • Skechers – Go Run – 8.57
  • Doritos – Sling Baby – 8.48
  • M&Ms – Ms. Brown – 8.47

You can see USA Today’s complete ranking here.  But let me save you some skimming:  “The Tease,” the Dannon Yogurt ad that was shot for a Poptent assignment, came in 13th and “Happy Grad” which was shot for a Chevy contest on Mofilm came in 24th.

So all the “Crowdsourced” ads of Super Bowl 46 did pretty well.  But mark my words, Man’s Best Friend’s million dollar win is going to be epic news this week.  That commercial was produced for just 20 dollars!  I interviewed the director a few weeks ago and he said the only expenses were a few bags of doritos and a cat collar. So man….score one for the little guys!

As I mentioned in my last post (the one I wrote before I knew USA Today would be releasing their results tonight) I explained that there are actually two ad meter polls happening this year.  The second poll is being run on facebook and “the public” gets to pick the winners on that one.  Doritos has pledged that if “Sling Baby” can score a spot in the top 3 on that poll they will also pay out a bonus prize to the director of that ad.  Voting ends on Tuesday and I have zero doubt Sling Baby will make the top 3.  Earlier tonight that ad was ranked #3 but now “the public” has pushed it into first.  The team that created Sling Baby are now literally pros when it comes to winning online votes.  So like I said, they’ll make the top 3 for sure.  To vote in the facebbook ad meter poll, head here:

After the results of the facebook ad meter are released on wednesday, the 2011/2012 installment of Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl contest will finally be over. To mark the end of this year’s contest, we’re going to be running one more story about the Crash next week. In the article we’ll try and answer the big question of 2012: Do former finalists have an unfair advantage in the Crash the Super Bowl contest? For the story I was actually able to interview some of the judges at fritolay who run the contest and who help choose the winners. I was seriously amazed at how open they were about how they pick their finalists every year so if you’re a hardcore CTSB fanatic, you’re definitely going to enjoy that post. Check back on 2/13 for the full story.

Congratulations to the Man’s Best Friend team and to all the video contest filmmakers who crashed the Super Bowl this year!