Man’s Best Friend scores the #1 spot on USA Today’s Super Bowl ad meter!!!

2012 Crash the Super Bowl winner, Man's Best Friend

It’s about 2:00AM on Monday morning and USA Today just released some ALL of the results of their annual Super Bowl ad meter poll.  And guess what??  The Crash the Super Bowl ad, MAN’S BEST FRIEND scored the number one spot!!!  That means the creator of that ad, Jon Friedman will win Doritos’ ONE MILLION DOLLAR ad meter bonus!  And since his spot was the highest ranking Doritos commercial, Friedman also wins the chance to shoot a project (presumably a Doritos commercial) with the guys from The Lonely Island.

Here’s the entire Top 5 list.  It looks like the other Crash the Super Bowl ad, Sling Baby just missed landing “in the money” and came in 4th.

  • Doritos – Man’s Best Friend – 8.82
  • Volkswagen – Dog Strikes Back – 8.73
  • Skechers – Go Run – 8.57
  • Doritos – Sling Baby – 8.48
  • M&Ms – Ms. Brown – 8.47

You can see USA Today’s complete ranking here.  But let me save you some skimming:  “The Tease,” the Dannon Yogurt ad that was shot for a Poptent assignment, came in 13th and “Happy Grad” which was shot for a Chevy contest on Mofilm came in 24th.

So all the “Crowdsourced” ads of Super Bowl 46 did pretty well.  But mark my words, Man’s Best Friend’s million dollar win is going to be epic news this week.  That commercial was produced for just 20 dollars!  I interviewed the director a few weeks ago and he said the only expenses were a few bags of doritos and a cat collar. So man….score one for the little guys!

As I mentioned in my last post (the one I wrote before I knew USA Today would be releasing their results tonight) I explained that there are actually two ad meter polls happening this year.  The second poll is being run on facebook and “the public” gets to pick the winners on that one.  Doritos has pledged that if “Sling Baby” can score a spot in the top 3 on that poll they will also pay out a bonus prize to the director of that ad.  Voting ends on Tuesday and I have zero doubt Sling Baby will make the top 3.  Earlier tonight that ad was ranked #3 but now “the public” has pushed it into first.  The team that created Sling Baby are now literally pros when it comes to winning online votes.  So like I said, they’ll make the top 3 for sure.  To vote in the facebbook ad meter poll, head here:

After the results of the facebook ad meter are released on wednesday, the 2011/2012 installment of Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl contest will finally be over. To mark the end of this year’s contest, we’re going to be running one more story about the Crash next week. In the article we’ll try and answer the big question of 2012: Do former finalists have an unfair advantage in the Crash the Super Bowl contest? For the story I was actually able to interview some of the judges at fritolay who run the contest and who help choose the winners. I was seriously amazed at how open they were about how they pick their finalists every year so if you’re a hardcore CTSB fanatic, you’re definitely going to enjoy that post. Check back on 2/13 for the full story.

Congratulations to the Man’s Best Friend team and to all the video contest filmmakers who crashed the Super Bowl this year!

8 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend scores the #1 spot on USA Today’s Super Bowl ad meter!!!

  1. I’m sorry but I truly think that these ad people with there buttons know that the doritos person is gonna win a million dollars so they turn up the dial or what not on there voting thing. Which in a way is cool because some person is getting a million dollars but I think the spirit of this contest is just getting ruined. That commercial was just not that funny or good in my view.

    There were at least 5 better commercials during the SB, its becoming a stretch to say that all these non Madison Ave Doritos commercial are the best or close to it every year now. I really think these ad meter people know that someone winning money so there kacking up the ratings gizmos now.

  2. Second I would not be surprised if a ton more companies will open there SB ads up to contest next year just to get there ads a better chance of getting the high ranking on the ad meter. They have to have caught on that these Doritos commercials are getting so high of rankings now because people know that the winner is getting a big prize.

    Even the social media votes for the best ads are the 2 Doritos commercials because people are gonna vote for the people they know are gonna win that money. The big players are gonna catch on to this and do the same I’m imagining.

    Still find it bogus that the same group that won before is gonna win with the sling baby ad at least on the social group vote. There really needs to be some changes to this stuff.

    I’m thinking this would make a really good Michael Moore type investagative documentary. If I had the money I would sure do it.

  3. This is the first year that I have been involved with this type of contest and heard of the ad meter. I am so disappointed. It seems the people that are familiar with the ad meter are those that enter contests of this type. This is not a real indication of the public’s favorite commercial. It is only an indication of who can the get the most people to vote for them. There is no way the dorito’s commercial is the public’s favorite commercial. It is cute but not that funny or memorable. I can’t believe if an unbiased group was voting that the commercials that were on top would be chosen. The Chevy truck commercial,the Ferris Beuller commercial, the Cheeta and the Hyundai, the Pepsi/Elton John commercial all come to mind as “Great” commercials and none of them were near the top??? It doesn’t appear that the ad meter works anymore as a real indicator of a great commercial. I don’t mean to take away from these contest commercials. I enjoyed them and especially liked the chevy and the yogurt commercials, but it seems to be all about vote getting.

  4. I think you guys are underestimating the power of babies and dogs. Every single year people say the ads that won the stop spot on the ad meter weren’t the funniest, and I agree, they usually aren’t my favorite, but unfortunately (and fortunately) America is, quite frankly, kind of ‘dumb’ and predictable on what they will like, and Doritos has catered to that and they know what will get the high ratings. America doesn’t seem to like the more clever, well written, risky creative ads, they like the same thing every year. The ads with dogs rank well because they people with the ad meters in their hands turn up the dial early in the commercial as opposed to waiting for a punchline at the very end. I wished the more original and clever ads would win, and on youtube and for creating viral videos, they do, but for this specific contest and platform, Doritos clearly knows what is going to work.

  5. Also, Doritos’s doesn’t release the winning ad to all the media outlets like all the other Superbowl commercials do, so the Dorito’s ad appears fresher to the Ad Meter voters because they most likely saw all the other commercials before they aired on the Superbowl.

    Man’s Best Friend was a clever ad, and David I think it was shot on 7D.

    At this point, if you enter the Doritos contest and DON’T use a baby or a dog, you are an idiot. The data is there, you need a dog or a baby or both.

  6. I love it that a simply produced ultra-low budget spot about an intimidating canine beat out all those high tech six and seven figure hi-tech spots that rely on every SFX/CGI trick known to mankind.It reaffirms my oft-challenged belief that a relatively simple, straight forward story line when well executed can trump the corporate world’s biggest big bucks show-off efforts. $20.00? Really? That’s Rich!

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