Yes kitties, u can haz all the votes and nomz!


Video contests that use online voting to determine the winner always suck.  A lot of contestants flat-out cheat which means the best videos rarely win.  But the folks at Friskies have succeeded in making the voting phase of their cat-themed video contest suck a whole lot less.  The sponsor is donating one can of cat food for every vote that is cast!  Here’s how it works:

With your support, The Friskies 2014 will generate a donation of thousands of cans of Friskies® to 10 partner animal-rescue organizations around the country.

The best thing about it? It couldn’t be easier! Here are the details:  Every time you vote for a video, we donate 1 can of Friskies®, up to 250,000 cans.

It really is THAT simple. With your participation in The Friskies 2014 we are hoping to provide a lot of food for a lot of hungry cats out there! So sit back and relax, watch some videos… then when the time comes get to voting!

I think that’s totally brilliant.  Yeah sure, a lot of contestants will try and cheat but the sponsor has given “the public” a great incentive to vote for their favorite entry.  So the real, un-biased votes should negate any cheating that happens.  And best of all, lots of hungry little kitties will get some tasty num-nums!  So do something good for our feline friends and go vote for your favorite Friskies finalist.

Oh wait, scratch that; it looks like you can vote for EVERY video in the contest!  You don’t even need to register before you vote.  There are 12 finalists so if you go vote for all of them you’ll essentially be donating a dozen cans of cat food in about 6 seconds.  That’s awesome.  Head here to vote right MEOW (heh):  :

Cast your vote in the first-ever Tongies!

2013 was a pretty ridonkulous year for  That company just totally took off, didn’t it?  It seems like I was getting 2 or 3 e-mails a week from them announcing some big ass new video contest.  In fact, they’re running a contest for AXE right now that’s got $100,000 in prizes.  I think we can attribute some of Tongal’s recent success to the high-caliber of filmmakers that use the site.  Tongaltonians Tonglers submitted some really high quality stuff in 2013 and now the site is honoring those folks with the first ever “Tongie Awards”

The Tongies is our annual celebration of the brilliant people in our community and our chance to recognize your outstanding creative work.  We combed through everything that was created on Tongal last year from Ideas to Videos and now we’re tapping YOU to decide who wins big.  Visit to cast your vote for Best Wildcard, Best Comedy, Best Original Song, and more!  You’ve got until February 3 to review the nominees and vote. Winners will be announced in early April.

It looks like this contest might just be “for fun” (translation: No guaranteed prizes) but hey, if you win at least you can start calling yourself an “award-winning filmmaker!”  I watched every, single finalist and here are a few of my favorites:

All these embedded videos were slowing down the site so here are a few more, in link form:

McDonald’s Fish McBites may already be extinct but that song will definitely live inside my head for the rest of my life.  FISHY, FISHY, YEAOOWWW!


Vote for Dan in the Elimination of Prejudice video contest!

A few weeks back I shot an entry for the annual Elimination of Prejudice video contest and on Monday I got word that I had made the top 5.  I was kind of surprised to hear that since  the contest received a ton of really good entries.  There are 3 prizes at stake here; 1st place is good for $2,500, 2nd is $1,000 and 3rd is $500.  I’d be happy to win anything but I’m going for the top prize.  To win it, I’ll need some votes.  So if you’re feeling generous, I’d appreciate it if you’d click here to watch my video and vote for me.  Voting is really easy and will only take about 5 seconds.  You can either vote through your facebook page or by filling in a captcha.

Click this image to view and vote

The themes of this contest were bullying and prejudice.  My entry is very simple but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Documentary filmmaking is sort of a hobby of mine and so I always enjoy shooting and editing documentary-style contest entries.  For this one I had 4 actors (including myself) look directly into the camera and tell a story about how they were bullied and why.  The point was to show that no one ever forgets being bullied and its effects can last a life time.  Some elements of the stories are true and some aren’t.  I feel like I should mention that I literally made up my story on the spot.   So my story is 100% fake.  I’m just a super dope actor so I think it’s kinda convincing.

Voting is open until April 12th and you can vote for my video once a day.  But even one vote would be awesome.  THANKS!!

Wingstop’s “No Bones About it” winner

When it comes to chicken wings, I’m a bit of a connoisseur.  For bone-in wings I’ll go to Hooters and for boneless wings I’ll go to Buffalo Wild Wings.  But if I’m in a hurry, the boneless wings at Wingstop aren’t too bad either.  (I’ve found it’s a great place to grab a quick lunch with my dad.)  If you ever find yourself in a wingstop, be sure to order some fries and dip them in the blue cheese dressing.  That’s good eatin’ right there, pal!  Oh but you know what’s even better?  Have you ever had the buffalo shrimp at Hooters??  Those actually blow all chicken wings everywhere out of the water.  Hey you know what’s funny?  Me and my friends love Hooters’ food but now that we’re not immature 22 year olds any more we find the girls in their booty shorts to be kind of annoying.  Sometimes you just want to have some beers and some wings and you don’t feel like enduring the waitresses’ bad fake flirting.  We’d probably go to Hooters more if the girls were allowed to dress and act like normal humans.

Wait a second…why did I start writing this post?  Oh yeah, Wingstop had a commercial contest.  They picked 5 finalists and then people voted on facebook.  Here’s the winner:

Wingstop’s First Place Winner.  Prize:  $10,000:

Seriously, Hooters Buffalo shrimp; try them and thank me later Also, take your dad to Wingstop. He’ll love it and you’ll be in and out in like 45 minutes.

Quick! Vote for my entry in Tootsie Pop’s video contest!

When I was a kid I thought that owl was awesome.  Still do.

I took a little vacation this weekend and while I was sitting in the airport, enjoying the free wifi I came across a great video contest for Tootsie Pops.  The premise was simple; contestants had to explain how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.  I knew right away that I had to enter but it was monday night and I was in Boston and the deadline was today.  So on tuesday I wrote my idea and did some planning and yesterday I shot, edited and submitted my masterpiece.  I think my entry turned out pretty good but in order to have a shot at winning a prize, I have to get enough votes to land in the top 25.  And the deadline for votes is tonight!  So I need to get like 40 votes by midnight.  I know I can do it but I’m going to have to bug a lot of people today….and I’m starting with you!

Voting in this contest is super, super simple.  All you have to do is click this link and then click the vote button:

Shares and views help too but even just a vote would be much appreciated.  Thanks everybody!

UPDATE: Voting is now over and I made the top 25 by the skin of my teeth. Thanks for the votes everybody!