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Final winner of the Klondike “Everyman Challenges”

Over the course of the summer Klondike held a series of video contests called the . August’s contest was the “Ball Toss Challenge” and contestants were supposed to show off their best ping-pong-ball-into-plastic-cup trick shots. That of course is just a complicated way of NOT saying “playing beer pong.” (the cups had to be filled with water.)  The prize for the best video was a “Tricked out game room” worth$14,000 plus $2,500 in cash.

The video that won just might be one of the best video contest entries I’ve seen all year.  Not only did these guys pull off some awesome shots, the video is very well put together.  I think the funniest thing about the video though is that you can see where the guys gave up painting their living room because the walls were too high.

Winner.  Prize: $2,500, a plasma TV, game systems, air hockey table and more

That was really excellent so congratulations to the guys who made it.  And congratulations to me for finally figuring out how to embed widescreen youtube videos!

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