Two Poptent-made Quiznos ads start airing

There are currently three commercials airing on TV promoting Quizno’s “5 4 3″ deal and in classic Quizno’s style, they feature crazy animation and weird animals singing about tasty sandwiches. The first ad you’ve probably seen; it features 3 kittens singing to the tune of Three Blind Mice. () The other two ads you might not have seen yet since they just started airing. Amazingly, these two new Quizno’s ads were created for an assignment on The commercials are so slick and so well made that 99.999% of the people who see them on TV would never even guess that they were made on spec by freelancers. I actually think both commercials are better than the one Quiznos themselves produced. Here they are:

Purchased by Quiznos. Price: $7,500

Purchased by Quznos. Price: $7,500

Amazing stuff. Now let me tell you, Quiznos got one hell of a deal here. I’m going to guess that $7,500 is just a fraction of what it cost to create the original singing kittens ad. That’s great for Quiznos but kind of not so great for filmmakers. $7,500 is a lot of money but it’s certainly the lowest payday I’ve ever seen for a in this type of situation. Normally in video contests or poptent-style open assignments if the sponsor intends to use the selected video on TV the price tag is somewhere between $10,000 and $25,000. Just off the top of my head Doritos, Taxslayer and butterfinger all paid $25K for video contest entries that made it to air. But like I said, $7,500 is still a big pay day and for an up-and-coming professional, the real prize is getting your work on national TV. Still, I hope Quiznos sends those guys a couple free gift cards. Actually, forget the gift cards. The guys who made those two ads should be allowed to walk into any quiznos and demand free sandwiches. If I were them, I’d go in and be all like “Don’t you people know who I am!? I’m the guy that made that Quiznos commercial where that heavy metal cat screams about sandwich deals motherF$%#*er! So give me a free Tasty Torpedo before I tear this place apart!!

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  2. Shane Free says:

    when do u think the new Doritos contest will be announced?

  3. Beardy says:


    I checked and it looks like last year doritos announced on September 10th. So if they’re doing it again they’ll probably announce any day now.

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