19 Responses to “Gain announces a surprising set of contest finalists”

  1. Rene says:

    Actually I believe Andrew did break the rules. Someone on another board mentioned that he was giving away t-shirts to people who voted for him. This not only breaks Facebook’s giveaway rules- I think the person mentioned it was against the Gain contest rules as well.

    That’s too bad because it was a great video. He probably didn’t need to give away free t-shirts to make it to the top 25.

    Seems like Gain is getting a ton of bad press over this! Too bad for them. This could have been a way for them to really capitalize on user created content.


  2. Ryan says:

    I didn’t enter the contest because I’ve been through difficult periods of finding people to vote. BUT, wouldn’t it be a sweet strategy to say “let’s band the top 25 together, not stress, and split the million dollars between everyone. I would take $40,000 any day. All voting contests are about is the company taking advantage of the artist…I know it would never work but if someone presented that to me as an option and everyone was down for it I would totally choose that route.

  3. Eric D. says:

    Hey Beardy!
    You were right as usual my man. It DID get ugly. Have you seen Gain’s wall??

  4. Shane Free says:

    great post per usual Beardy,I also had a video in the contest that did not make the top 25, but I LOVED Andrew’s video, it was very good and I am shocked its not up there.

    I’m not sure how giving away t-shirts is really against the rules, I guess that could be considered buying votes, but at the end of the day how could GAIN prove he was giving away shirts? He uploaded in the very beginning of the entry period, he was literally like the 2nd video to post so he had plenty of time to get votes. I have another theory, and Beardy you touched upon this topic before, but I think his video was too good, it didn’t feel consumer generated enough, I know that sounds crazy but if GAIN put that in the top 25 it would have most likely won in a landslide, so by never sharing the “creative score” then they can simply adjust the numbers or like you said, disqualify it on a technicality.

  5. Shane Free says:

    also, a few of the finalists have their video on youtube, so i don’t think that made a difference.

  6. Beardy says:


    Giving away prizes to people who viewed a video was NOT mentioned in the rules. If they DQ’d andrew D. because of that Gain could get sued for breach of contract.

    The million bucks is being paid out of 10 years. So that 40K would be paid out as 10, $4,000 checks over the next 10 years. I think most people would rather just take their chances and go for the million.

  7. Shane Free says:

    and 1 millions after taxes is about 540K

  8. Angry Girl says:

    This contest was a disgrace! Gain and Proctor and Gamble should be ashamed of themselves. I feel like they stole my time and my friends’ time. Views clearly had no influence on their decisions. Why even say you are going to use a formula to pick the winners and then not use it? This was a total scam and I will never buy another bottle of gain as long as I live. I’m a tide girl from now on.

  9. Chris Yarn says:

    WOW good article, I will be honest when I decided to enter the GAIN contest I only viewed a few of the random videos before entering. I never clicked the most viewed tab. After I finished the song I called my wife in the room to let her hear the song I just made. She wanted to see some of the other contestants so as I clicked through the videos there were sevral people on a webcams just saying “I use GAIN and I smell like a million bucks” for 5 seconds, and we felt great about my song and what video we could shoot with it. Then my wife saw the “most viewed” tab…when I saw Andrews video I almost did not bother entering and if I had seen it before I had already finished my song and was not already alf way done, I would not have entered. His video was that intimidatingly good…(is that a word?) Anywho either by gods good grace or me just being a moron I luckily did not see his superb entry before i finished my song. Here is the link to my vid any support would be appreciated
    I do want to pay off my house…i am done paying a bank intrest that refuses to modify a loan for a guy wo pays his bills!

  10. Riley says:

    We posted the video with the guy in the orange shirt as the thumbnail (Meet Ted..). I’d like to say I find this article interesting and a good read but I can SAFELY say we DID NOT create “hundreds of fake FB accounts” and cheat. We simply asked our audience. We posted this video JUST on the Gain FB page and NOWHERE ELSE. We did NOT offer anyone ANYTHING for voting other than a “Thank You”. I was SHOCKED when I saw the Top 25 honestly. I am not saying that I thought we deserved more than any other contestant but I expected to see more than ONE Top viewed video in there. I do not think ANY of the Most Viewed Contestants should be considered “sore losers” as this contests’ judging methods seemed a bit off.

    Again great read!


  11. funky49 says:

    I had the following mindset before making the vid: “Gain will choose the videos they want”. With the creative score, they gave themselves that power. I get that Gain wants to keep video maker enthusiasm high and get as many entries as possible made and shared. It’s just disappointing when you don’t know why some entries were picked and other’s weren’t.

    I’m sad. I was really pleased with how my Gain rap video turned out.

  12. funky49 says:

    Also: That Andrew D entry is just a wicked awesome slaughterfest of win. How in the world did Gain not show that guy love?!?

  13. Ryan says:

    Yes Beardy…all I am saying is that the top 25 should not play into Gain’s game…

  14. david rorie says:

    i told you this thing was convoluted from the start. there is no way i would of wasted my time on it.

  15. says:

    A simple JUDGING PANEL would have made this disaster contest into an awesome event that even I would have participated in. This could have rivaled the Doritos contest.

    They’re more worried about entrants pimping their video (Thus promoting their product) then a smooth running simple contest that will draw top creators for awesome quality video spots. I can’t believe how bad the finalist video is that you posted Beardy, so ridiculous! Yours was certainly wayyy better.

    Again, I’m so glad I foresaw this mess and stayed away from it. When will Brands learn?

  16. Using charities and babies ain't right says:

    Pimping charities and sick children to win is wrong no matter how good the intentions seem or how great the entry is/was.

  17. Beardy says:

    Using Charities and babies ain’t right,

    I don’t like anonymous slams in my comment section. WordPress tells me that your comment came from an IP address in Pensacola, Florida. I noticed that one of the Top 25 finalists, BRIAN P. is from Pensacola. Here’s his entry:

    You (or your friend) made the finals. There’s no need to rub it in.

  18. Kattywampus says:

    I can guarantee my friend’s video (Georgette H.) did not cheat. Your insinuating that makes you sound like a sore loser. If asking your friends in person and IM to go vote on your video makes you a cheater, then everyone needs to be disqualified.

    Also, that’s a cute video. Regular people making an effort. It’s simple and to the point, and reminiscent of oldschool daytime commercials. I ain’t biased, this is a case of “u mad”.

  19. Beardy says:


    Did you actually read through this post before leaving your comment? I’m guessing you skimmed the article, saw the word “cheated” and then saw your friend’s video. Because I did not say (or even imply) that Georgette H. cheated.

    My point was that her video was so poorly made and had so few views that there was no way it could have made the Gain finals IF GAIN HAD USED THE SCORING SYSTEM THEY SAID THEY’D USE. Gain did something wrong when they threw out their rules to pick her video, not her. Her video only had about 200 views. So even if she got a perfect creative score, Georgette H. would have only had a final score of 200. Did you read the rules of the contest? Go here and click on the “How to Win” button:

    Again, I do not think Georgette H. cheated. People cheated by using fake accounts to get fake views since views were supposed to be part of a video’s score. She only had 200 views and some videos had 5,000 views. The 5,000 view videos are the ones that probably cheated.

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