“Welcome to Prizes.org” winner

VCN super-fans may remember that a few months ago the site was covered in ads promoting Prizes.org’s “Welcome to Prizes.org” video contest.   The company was looking for an official “explainer video” that would you know….explain how the site worked.  They got a bunch of nice entries but here’s the very impressive submission that won the top prize.  If you head to the Prizes.org homepage you’ll notice that the winning video is the first thing you see when you visit the site.

Prizes.org winner.  Prize:  $10,000:

I was at a party about a week ago and there happened to be a whole bunch of filmmakers and editors there.  I asked everyone what kind of projects they worked on recently and I can’t tell you how many times the phrase “explainer video” came up.  Every website that offers some new kind of service needs an explainer video and most of the ones I’ve seen are very similar in style to the above animation.  Hmm, maybe I should find an animation class I can take this summer…..

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  1. Lucas says:

    Yep, the last three projects I was on were all demo, or explainer, videos.

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