Lay’s wants to give you a million bucks for picking their next flavor

Hey, those idiots misspelled “favor!”

Unfortunately, Lay’s new “Do us a Flavor” competition is NOT a video contest.  But the grand prize is a million bucks so I figured that most VCN readers wouldn’t mind if I posted the details of a non-video contest for a change. For this competition, all you have to do is pick three ingredients and combine them (virtually) to make up a new potato chip flavor.  I just entered and my flavor is “Chicago Style Hot Dogs” which would be comprised of Green Relish, Sport Peppers and Onions.  Tell me that wouldn’t be delicious!  Not to go off on a tangent here but if you’ve never had a real Chicago style dog before you should do yourself a favor and shove one down your hot dog hole as soon as possible. When you’re in the Chicago area the best two places to get your Chicago dogs are Hot Doug’s and a small chain named Portillos.  I am a freaking hot dog connoisseur and Portillos probably makes the best hot dogs on the Earth.  And if you disagree with me we can fuggin’ fight about it anytime you want.

Um anyway, yeah this a huge contest and you can enter a bunch of times so Lays will probably receive every food combination ever dreamed of between now and the October 6th deadline.  Lays will pick three finalists and they will actually produce and sell all three selected flavors.  Consumers will vote and the creator of the most popular flavor will get a million dollars.  They two other finalists will get $50,000 each which ain’t too shabby.

To enter, all you have to do is head to Lay’s Facebook page and use their contest application to name your flavor and list the ingredients you would use.  Sounds simple, right?  Well I guess that system is too complicated because Lays has been receiving an avalanche of wall comments like these:

I’m going to guess that about 30% of the entries Lays receives will be “Pizza”

Yes…It looks like literally thousands of people have been leaving their flavor ideas as comments because for some reason they think that’s how you enter.  Lays keeps trying to tell people how to OFFICIALLY enter but the goofballs on facebook just won’t listen.  If you want to enter this monster the right way, head to and read the rules before you submit. But try not to get your hopes up for this one. It looks like half of Facebook has already submitted flavor ideas so this might wind up being the biggest contest in the history of the Internet.

UPDATE:  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE….YOU CAN NOT ENTER THE LAY’S CONTEST HERE!!!!  For weeks, two or three people a day have been leaving their flavor ideas in the comment section of this post.  PLEASE STOP IT!  The whole point of this article was to show that people didn’t understand how to enter the Lay’s contest.  Go to Lay’s facebook page and fill out an entry form.  THIS WEBSITE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LAY’S CONTEST!

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27 Responses to “Lay’s wants to give you a million bucks for picking their next flavor”

  1. Shane Free says:

    how do you suppose the judges narrow down the flavors to the final 3? I imagine they break them all into categories and get rid of all the duplicates first.

  2. cindy scolley says:

    french onion soup with a hint of balsamic

  3. andrea says:

    who says that potato chips can’t be eaten as a dessert. what about a strawberry shortcake flavor, or butter pecan. put the chips along with your favourite flavor of ice cream. The flavors to these chips are endless. Also i crush them up and put them on my sandwiches. so you could make a garlic/cheese and put them on tuna, egg salad.

  4. Teresa Atkins says:

    Pepper jack cheese

  5. marcia james says:

    Chili limon with a hint of mustard

  6. Anita says:

    If I were to win the million dollars from lays next flavor,I’d still be broke.I would share that wealth to people in need of shelter and hunger.

  7. gustavo jimenez says:


  8. rhonda golightly says:

    cheddar jack cheese / please pick me :-)

  9. Julie Vega says:

    pico de gallo , please pick me <3

  10. I think butterscocth are apple cinnom

  11. I would go with bacon, cheese fries /. Or pepper jack cheese /with salas
    Pick me !!!!!!! Pick me !!!!!!!!!!! Pick me !!!!!!!!

  12. How about strawberry/ lemonade flavor !!!!!!!

  13. Jan Anagnostopoulos says:

    Pepper jack cheddar jalepinio salsa

  14. john adams says:

    I think salas and cream cheese.

  15. ROCHELLE HINES says:

    I got the flavor. Trust me it is THE ONE and now you really can’t eat just1
    Think about it. A chip that’s good and healthy for you. “WOW” Plus LAYS will make their million dollars back three times.

  16. ROCHELLE HINES says:

    The New Flavor of LAYS is…… “The FRUITY HEALTHY LAYS” Made with
    1. BANANA
    2. CARROT
    PLEASE don’t knock it until you try it.

  17. Kam Bybee says:

    I say Parmesan and Asiago cheese I’m sure that will sell big time yeah!

  18. Frances Perez says:

    I would eat them with my special recipe My salsa picosa , which has chile abanero ,chile de arbol ,chile jalapeno ,chile verde largo delgado{like serrano type but longer},big red tomatoes ,onions ,and last but not least to give it flavore consome de pollo and a little bite of salt not too much you have to taste it before anding the salt ,and there yoy go I know that the Lays with this flavore will rock

  19. Frances Perez says:

    What about with CARNE GUISADA FLAVORE I think thats a really good f lavore that also rock . This one and my other one with SALSA PICOSA ,another good flavore could be FRIJOLES A LA CHARRA .I know that this flavores will rock especialy on FOOTBALL SEASONES.

  20. Jack Mehoff says:

    I’ve got about 1300 or so chip flavors so far-do you think it will be enough?

    I’ve also got a lock on at least ONE idea that Lay’s has never entertained….

  21. trashenna martin says:


  22. Sarah Mehlhouse says:

    DIPPING A CHIP INTO A SALSA MIXTURE BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE A CHIP AND SALSA TOGETHER IN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sarah Mehlhouse says:


  24. Sarah Mehlhouse says:


  25. zack.h. says:

    deep fried eggplant with Parmesan cheese :)

  26. Leah Archer says:

    Bacon!!tamato!! pesto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. leah archer says:

    bacon with tomato pesto.yum yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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