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Ringo announces the winner of his video contest

It seems like a lot of bands are running music video contests these days and I always stay far away from them.  Producing 3 or 4 minutes of interesting video content is pretty damn hard.  And for some weird reason, the prizes are usually pretty small.  Ringo Starr just ran a music video contest for his new song “Wings” and even though Ringo has got to be like a mega-super-millionaire the grand prize was only $3,000.  I happen to think Ringo is awesome and I doubt he had much to do with the contest.  But these small prizes just guarantee that there won’t be too many great entries.  Of course, the winner does get a credit as the director of Ringo’s official music video.  And that’s pretty sweet.  But that credit kind of seems less impressive if you know the video was made for a contest.

Anyways, like I said, Ringo is cool.  And the video he made to announce the winner of his contest is pretty funny.  You can tell that someone probably just pulled him into his backyard to shoot this.  Then even though a incredibly loud plane flies right overhead, Ringo kept going.  So one take was all that Ringo had time for.  But he does say something pretty perfect at the end that saves the whole video:

And now here’s the music video that won the contest.  As you’ll hear/see, this was a really hard song to make a video for since there were long breaks where there weren’t any lyrics:

You can read the details of the contest or see more entries right here.  Peace and love, peace and love, peace and love.

TMBG’s Can’t Keep Johnny Down winner

John Hodegman has spoken.  As the sole judge in They Might Be Giant’s “” music video contest, Hodgeman got to pick the winning submission all by himself.  Here’s the video he selected:

Winner. Prize: $1,000 and a pizza from the pizzeria of the winner’s choice:

Yes, the prize was a thousand bucks and a Pizza. So how did John Hodgeman do as a judge?  Pretty goddamn good if you ask me. That video kept me mesmerized from beginning to end.   And you know what? I like the song too.  TMBGs is one of my favorite bands and thanks to this video contest, I’m gonna go out and buy their new album.  By “go out and buy their new album” I mean I’ll buy it off iTunes.  But you get my point. So I tip my hat to whoever came up with this video contest.  It will probably, actually result in increased sales.

They Might be Giants announces music video contest

They Might Be Giants is one of my favorite bands so I had to post this. Today the group announced that they’re running a music video contest to correspond with the release of their new album, Join Us.  The prize is $1,000 and a pizza from the pizzeria of the winners’ choice.  Sure, that’s not a big prize but this isn’t the kind of contest you enter because of the money.  This is the kind of contest you enter for the GLORY of winning.  In a weird twist, John Hodgeman will be the one and only judge of this competition.  So if you can manage to win a They Might Be Giants music video contest that is judged by John Hodgeman, you’re guaranteed rock solid nerd cred for life.  For the full contest details, check out what is probably the best contest announcement video I’ve ever seen:

I Love Chicken Video Contest Winner

I had to take a break from our Crash the Super Bowl coverage to post the winner of the “I Love Chicken” video contest.  The contest was sponsored by El Pollo Loco and some other pro-chicken entities.  The premise was pretty simple; contestants were supposed explain why they loved Chicken.  I actually thought about entering this one but then I saw a submission called “Chicken is my Best Friend” that was so awesome I knew I could never top it.  Sure enough, the video did go on to win the grand prize of $5,000.  It’s just great and you should really check it out.  I can’t embed the video so click on this still to watch it.

First Place Winner.  Prize:  $5,000:

click to view

Caution:  Viewing this video may result in you having the “Chicken is my Best Friend” song stuck in your head for a few days.

1/10 UPDATE: An eagle-eyed reader posted a comment saying that he thought that the guy in the video might also be the guy who just won $20,000 in the AT&T Simplify Your Life contest. I checked and it definitely is him. And his AT&T video might be even more ingenious than his I Love Chicken Video. Here it is.

AT&T Simplify Your Life, Grand Prize Winner. Prize: $20,000:

That dude is on fire. Bigtime congratulations to him.

I think I must be slipping. I never even heard of the AT&T Simplify Your Life contest. There were a bunch of other winners and you can see them all here:

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