Update on the big Godaddy contest

I checked our web stats this morning and I was surprised to see that we got a big spike in traffic yesterday.  It only took me a second to realize why; yesterday was October 18th.  And “on or around October 18th” was supposed to be day that Godaddy.com announced the winners of their gigantic “summer” commercial contest. But the 18th came and went with no announcement.  We don’t have any scoops for you about who won but I just checked the Godaddy website and the contest page has been changed.  It now says:

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: On or around October 27, 2010 at GoDaddy.com

So if you entered this contest and figured you’d lost because you hadn’t been contacted yet it seems you’ve still got a shot.  The odds are still really stacked against you though!  I just did a quick count and it looks like Godaddy recived 215 entries this time around.  Sure, last time Godaddy ran a video contest they got over 500 entries but keep in mind, that first contest was only for 30 second commercials.  For this one, filmmakers had to create up to 120 seconds worth of content.  I’m kind of amazed that so many people would be willing to do so much work for free. 215 two-minute entries equal 860 thirty-second entries!

We’ll post and review all the winning ads as soon as they’re announced so be sure to check back here on (or around) October 27th.

2 thoughts on “Update on the big Godaddy contest

  1. My favorite Godaddy commercial was “Popular Guy at Summer Deck Party”. Those girls were gorgeous and it was a funny commercial. Loved that Jack Nicolson guy.
    I think it was the best one.

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